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Five Element Yoga is a potent practice that realigns you with the rhythms of nature.  Developed by Jennifer Reis, senior Kripalu Yoga teacher, Ayurvedic and Shiatsu bodyworker, visual artist, and Integrative Yoga Therapist and faculty member, Five Element Yoga weaves together these rich and powerful traditions to explore the five elements within.  In this practice you will move your body with yoga postures, flow with breathing, revitalize your energy with mudras, detoxify with self-massage, deeply rest and rejuvenate in Divine Sleep yoga nidra, and assimilate it all with creative integration practices like drawing.


– Align yourself with the rhythms of nature.
– Explore and experience the art and science of the five elements as you dive deeply into earth, water, fire, air, and ether.
– Nourish your whole being with joyous movement and deep relaxation.
– Develop the elemental qualities of grounding, fluidity, transformation, compassion, and freedom.
– Dive deep within the matrix of your being.
– Bring potent new tools to your mat and into your life as your natural constitution comes into perfect flow, increasing health, happiness, peace and potential.



Earth, water, fire, air and ether are the archetypal building blocks of our bodies, our energy, and everything in existence.  The elements lend a bountiful and fertile ground for sensing and exploring your deeper rhythms.  Diving deeply to experience the art, science and philosophy of the five elements in this multi-faceted inquiry allows the essence of the elements to flower from within yourself, establishing balance and fortifying vitality in your body and mind.


With elements are balanced, we are in harmony within ourselves, feel both stable and energized, and can maintain high levels of health and wellness.  When our elements are out of balance, we suffer disrupted equilibrium within ourselves and the natural world.  With Five Element Yoga practice, you will learn how to guide yourself back into harmony to tap into our greatest potential.  Your natural constitution comes into perfect flow with life so that you may enjoy increased health, happiness, peace, and potential.






What does a Five Element Yoga Class look like?

Five Element Yoga is like harmonizing a tuning fork with each of your internal elements.  Elements are practiced sequentially from Earth to Ether in order to both gain awareness of the current balance of each element, and to bring each back into balance in relationship within your whole being.


Experience the balance and connection of Five Element Yoga.  Join Jennifer for a training, workshop or retreat.

Enjoy a Five Element practice at home with Jennifer’s Five Element Yoga CD – a best-seller at Kripalu Center.