Five Element Yoga & Mudras
October 30, 2018
Pranidhana Mudra helps one to let go of attachments. That means release of muscular and emotional tensions, as well as assisting the health of the eliminatory, urinary, and reproductive systems. Deeply relaxing, Pranidhana can lower both blood pressure and stress levels.   EARTH & WATER ELEMENTS: Activates and increases Earth & Water Element qualities such as cultivating flow, reduction of stress and anxiety, relaxation, serenity, steadiness, focus, mindfulness and increase...
October 2, 2018
EARTH ELEMENT: Activates and increases Earth Element qualities such as relaxation, serenity, grounding, steadiness, focus, mindfulness and the ability to sleep! Dvimukham Mudra is one of the most calming of all mudras. It increases the downward flow of energy and breath in your body that brings you into a state of peace by helping to lower the blood pressure and stress levels. Hold your hands facing upward like you are...
August 26, 2018
Join me for Peaceful Breathing to help calm and sooth you, bring you back into the moment for greater simplicity in your mind and body. CLICK HERE  
Samputa Mudra allows you to trust in your inner radiance and treasures, awakening integrity and allowing you to communicate your truth with clarity. Hold your left hand cupped underneath your right in front of your belly, or on your lap, for 5-10 natural breaths. State the affirmation three times out loud, then silently. "My inner treasure shines radiantly within me, sparking my glow." Especially good for learning to listen to...
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