August 26, 2018
Join me for Peaceful Breathing to help calm and sooth you, bring you back into the moment for greater simplicity in your mind and body. CLICK HERE  
May 31, 2018
Sleep! It's as necessary as food, shelter and clothing. Yet there can be bumpy times when sleep is oh so difficult! As a certified yoga therapist, I spend a lot of time assisting my students and clients on improving their sleep! I hope you enjoy these suggestions: yoga postures, breathing techniques, self-massage, and practices to do in bed! Zzzzzz... #1 Most helpful is listening to Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra Insomnia Track...
November 30, 2017
If you are feeling ungrounded, frenetic, uneasy, anxious, thinking or feeling too much, then these 3 Grounding Practices may be just what the yoga teacher ordered! They will help you to connect with your inner Earth Element, to help you feel embodied and present. This can increase your calm, and bring you back into rhythm again within body, mind and spirit. BHU MUDRA "My Roots run deep into the core...
November 27, 2016
These three mudras will bring you into your calming, soothing center and out of the chattering mind and ocean of emotion to be at peace once again. ADHI MUDRA "I am always calm in the center of my being." Place your thumbs inside your palms and gently make loose fists around thumbs. Turn hands downward on your lap. Notice your natural breath, sensing its natural rhythm through your body. Good...
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