April 4, 2017
Great yoga for Yankees but also reminds me of yoga that would also appeal to many of my fellow Canadians! Poses like Itchy Dog and mudras  with affirmations like 'go away' - this is too funny and cute! I hope you enjoy it.
February 28, 2017
This is a hilarious yoga class from CBC in Canada! Proof that even our neighbours to the north can have blue days (although here in the US I like to think its all rainbows and blue sky to up there!) Hope you enjoy it, I hope that your yoga teacher is nice to you and not too needy.            
The power of flow: the wonderful reintroduction of wolves in Yellowstone National Park created the cascade effect through the life-chain that regenerated the whole system - trees flourished, forests emerged, the number of other species of animals increased, and the rivers caused less erosion and more pools developed to support all the animals!  
Living her light skating on top of a mountain's frozen lake, Elizabeth takes my breath away! Growing up near the Canadian Rockies, I know the feeling of being on the mountain-tops of Alberta and BC where Nature and the forces of the Elements loom large. At times it made me feel both small and at other times powerful. To be in the magic of natures' reality is something I will...
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