Sep 7, 2014 until Sep 14, 2014

Kripalu Center
Stockbridge Massachusetts

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Joseph Le Page, Lilian Le Page, Cathy Prescott, Jennifer Reis, and Genevieve Yellin


A 7-Day Intensive for Yoga Teachers.

Embark on a journey of integration and healing that blends mudra, asana, pranayama, bandha, and meditation. This training is designed for 200-hour yoga teachers who are ready to delve deeper into their practice.  This program is eligible for 65 CE Credits, YA and BOC.

You learn:
– 108 key mudras
– An understanding of how the five koshas form a framework for the journey of integration and healing, and how mudra, asana, pranayama, and bandha can be combined to support this integration
– How mudras facilitate breathing and how they can be combined with asana and bandha to prepare for pranayama
– The use of mudras for specific health conditions, including assessment of students’ needs and application of appropriate techniques
– Ways to create inspirational classes and individual sessions, using a combination of mudra, asana, pranayama, and bandha to explore the eight limbs of yoga and balance the five elements for Ayurvedic healing
– The use of mudras to deepen meditation.

Discover the power of mudras in a training that expands your horizons and your yoga teaching.

Note This training is 65 hours and students will receive a certificate of completion. Participants who have completed the Integrative Yoga Therapy Professional Training Program at the 500-hour level may request licensing to present this training in their communities. This training also qualifies for the Module III component of 500-hour certification.