Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, July 19 – 24, 2015.

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Five Element Yoga Teacher Training is for yoga teachers and experienced yoga students.     CE credits available: 39.5 credits for Yoga Alliance (YA)    39.5 credits for Athletic Trainers (BOC).

Five Element Yoga® is a potent practice of yoga postures, breathing, mudras, meditation, and yoga nidra that realigns us with the rhythms of nature.

This exploration and celebration of yoga is rooted in Kripalu yoga, Ayurveda, and yoga therapy.
In this training you will move deeply into Five Element practice yourself, while learning the skills necessary to create powerful classes and workshops. Beyond an ordinary training, this is a time for deep practice, reflection and learning, cultivating personal inquiry and experience to transform your own life and the lives of your students. By embodying the five elements with yoga, you will take your teaching to a higher level, awakening your inner radiance as a yogi and teacher.


Earth, water, fire, air and ether are the archetypal building blocks of our bodies, our energy, and everything in existence. The elements are vivid, colorful, potent — bountiful and fertile ground for sensing and exploring our deeper selves. We will dive deeply, learning and experiencing the art, science and philosophy of the five elements in a multi-faceted inquiry that allows the essence of the elements to flower from within, establishing balance and fortifying vitality in body and mind.

The model of the five elements corresponds directly to the major yogic models such as the five koshas, five kleshas, five vayus, three doshas, and the seven chakras. By diving into each element with its parallel kosha, vayu, dosha and chakra, we are able to unlock the door to deeper inquiry and exploration of our true Self. Five element practice balances and nourishes us at every level of our multi-dimensional being, bringing us into a state of harmony and health within ourselves and the larger cadence and rhythms of nature.

With elements are balanced, we are in harmony within ourselves, feel both stable and energized, and can maintain perfect health. When our elements are out of balance, we suffer disrupted equilibrium and become out of balance within ourselves and the natural world. With five element yoga practice, you will learn how to guide yourself and your students back into harmony — not only of the elements but also the corresponding kosha, vayu, dosha and chakra — to tap into our greatest potential. Our natural constitution comes into perfect flow with life so that we may enjoy increased health, happiness, peace, and potential.



Grounding in the Physical:
  • Develop the elemental qualities within yourself of grounding, fluidity, vision, compassion, and expansion.
  • Discover the predominant element within each yoga posture.
  • Understand yoga philosophy including Yoga Sutras and select Upanishads
  • Learn the yogic models of the five koshas, five kleshas and five vayus, and the corresponding elements.
  • Learn about Ayurveda and how the five elements are analogous to the doshas.
  • Understand the systems of the body and how the five elements affect their health and wellness.
  • Discover mudras that activate the elements within.
  • Learn about the four seasons and their corresponding elements.
  • Explore the five senses and their related elements.
  • Experience how the five elements relate to each other within ourselves and in nature.
  • Learn how to lead powerful meditations and yoga nidra based on the elements.
  • Learn how to guide vibrant five element practice in yoga classes and workshops
Experiential Learning:
  • Get grounded in the practice of the five elements through experiencing deeply the practice and its effects.
  • Bring new potent tools to your mat and into your life.
  • Nourish your whole being with joyous movement and deep relaxation.
  • Learn how to increase health and wellness by harmonizing the elemental forces within yourself.
  • Increase your knowledge and skill levels with Ayurveda and yoga therapy.
  • Practice in leading in partners and small groups.
  • Gain technical skills to guide your students deep within the matrix of their being through the elements.
  • Learn to blend technical knowledge, joyfulness, power, and spirituality in your teaching.
  • Bring refreshed vitality into classes and workshops.
Inviting the Energetic:
  • Explore and practice unique pranayama techniques from yoga therapy to balance the elements.
  • Learn new ways to uplift and renew vital energy.
  • Deepen your ability to flow with grace and fluidity.
  • Warm up with rhythmic movement and purification.
  • Discover the transformational powers of activating the five elements within the energy body.
Soothe the Mental Emotional:
  • Expand your heart and possibility by going deep inside.
  • Co-listen to integrate your experiences.
  • Experience the calmness and joy that comes with elemental balance.
  • Cultivate self-compassion and understanding through Witness Consciousness.
  • Integrate the power of the elements within meditation and yoga nidra.
  • Increase self-knowledge at a deep elemental level.
  • Expand into freedom and experience unity.
  • Merge with nature and your true Self.



Five Element Yoga Teacher Training includes a manual to facilitate this depth practice and aid in taking it home with you to incorporate into your life and teaching.


Five day training will include lecture, power point, discussion, co-listening in partners and group, daily guided practice – asana, pranayama, meditation, yoga nidra, mudras and bodywork; practice teaching in partners and small groups, integration through journaling, mandala creation, drawing and writing.