Give your students the gift of deep healing peace.
Expose your studio to a wider client base.
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Jennifer Reis

Professional Integrative Yoga Therapist, Senior Kripalu Yoga Teacher, E-RYT 500, LMT, Shiatsu and Ayurvedic Therapist

Jennifer Reis has a gift for creating sacred space to journey into realms of deep peace and renewal. Her voice carries you inward to a place of self-embrace and connection to your whole being. With Jennifer’s creative and inspired guidance, all of your senses become nourished and alive.

With a deep personal practice and 15-year teaching career centered around her work as a Senior Kripalu Yoga Teacher, and drawing on her knowledge and experience as a Professional Integrative Yoga Therapist, licensed body worker, Shiatsu therapist and Ayurvedic therapist, Jennifer has created three enthusiastically received styles of yoga in the Kripalu tradition, including the powerful Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra as well as Five Element Yoga and Mudra Yoga.

Jennifer’s work resonates with students from all over the United States, Canada and the world.  Her three CDs are consistently the best-selleing CDs at Kripalu Center, where she has been on the yoga team, R&R faculty, and a program presenter for over a decade.

Bring Jennifer’s heart-felt teaching to your studio or center.

Yoga and Deep Relaxation Retreat: the Gift of Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra

2 hour Workshops to 5 Day Retreats

For all levels, including beginners.
CEC credits available for Yoga Teachers, YA

This nourishing retreat is a refreshing combination of yoga postures, breathing, and deep healing rest. The perfect remedy to a busy and fragmented life, this is a wonderful opportunity to come back into harmony, balance, and wholeness. This program is designed for everyone looking to honor themselves with yoga, deep healing rest, and community.

During this retreat, you will:

  • Reclaim your inner radiance
  • Feel whole again
  • Experience deep peace
  • Awaken with revitalizing yoga practices
  • Alleviate not only muscular tension but also mental and emotional stress
  • Learn to stimulate your body’s natural healing response
  • Take home easy practices proven to foster wellness in daily life

Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra is the antidote for modern life. This inspired, meditative practice will awaken your senses, allowing you to enjoy life fully. There is nothing required of you but to lie down and listen. Be supported, held and nourished as you discover profound peace and vibrant health. As your journey unfolds, you will become radiant, joyful, and light. You deserve to feel this good.

“In this retreat I was finally able to reach that inner sacred part of my soul that I searched so long for. The positive intentions have given me a stronger and positive outlook to my life. Jennifer is a blessed on among us. Thank you.”
~Linda Belickis

“I loved the breathing, movement and experiencing the gentle, nurturing qualities of Jennifer’s teaching. Potent for me were the mudras and it was so powerful and loved being together as a group through the week. The Yoga Nidra was deeply nourishing, peaceful and relaxing. This retreat has shown me another pathway to nurture and take care of myself.”
~Jennifer Roeder

Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra Teacher Training

CEC credits available for Yoga Teachers, YA

For Yoga teachers, therapists, counselors, health professionals, parents and everyone interested in guiding others to relax and heal.

Learn to lead your students and clients into deeper levels of freedom and health than they ever imagined possible. You will leave this training feeling confident, enthused, and delighted to offer the gift of Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra. An inspired and inclusive practice, yoga nidra is one of the most accessible forms of yoga, leading one systematically through the koshas — all levels of being — including physical, energetic, mental, emotional and spiritual.

In this training, you will:

  • Relax into openness, freedom, and bliss
  • Learn how to nourish yourself and others
  • Explore yoga nidra within the depth of yogic tradition
  • Awaken a sense of wonder and creative energy
  • Discover how to craft effective classes
  • Cultivate voice quality, proper pacing, and explore music, postures, and props
  • Develop your skills by practicing yourself and leading others.


“Yoga Nidra Teacher Training exceeded my expectations and opened my heart. The visualizations, the feeling of Jennifer’s heart being really in every aspect of the workshop: she was very kind, generous and well organized. The Yoga Nidra manual that she created for us is amazing. An excellent teacher!”
~Carolyn Manzi

“A truly educational and transformative experience. The effects on me have been profoundly restorative at both a personal and professional level. Jennifer is a truly knowledable and a compassionate teacher. I am definitely leaving with a greater sense of ease and relaxation. As a yoga instructor, I have the confidence and motivation now to offer this practice to my students.”
~Eric Yatar


FIVE ELEMENT YOGA — Training and Retreats

Embody the Five Elements with Yoga, Teacher Training.

A 40-hour training for yoga teachers and experienced yoga students.

Embody the Five Elements with Yoga is a potent practice of yoga postures, breathing, mudras, meditation, and yoga nidra that realigns us with the rhythms of nature. This exploration and celebration of yoga is rooted in Kripalu yoga, Ayurveda, and yoga therapy.

Earth, water, fire, air and ether are the archetypal building blocks of our bodies, our energy, and everything in existence. The elements are vivid, colorful, potent — bountiful and fertile ground for sensing and exploring our deeper selves. We will dive deeply, learning and experiencing the art, science and philosophy of the five elements in a multi-faceted inquiry that allows the essence of the elements to flower from within, establishing balance and fortifying vitality in body and mind. …click here for more


Retreats:  3-hour to 7-day retreats.  For all levels, including beginners.

CEC credits available for Yoga Teachers, YA

Realign with the rhythms of nature to uncover your vibrant radiance. Discover new ways to uplift and renew your vital energy. Deepen connection with yourself by discovering the powerful potency of your Five Elements within. Nourish your whole being with joyous movement and deep relaxation.

This all-levels yoga workshop/program is a celebration of postures, mudra meditation, breathing and Yoga Nidra.

  • Find grounding with Earth Element
  • Flow your body into grace with Water Element
  • Uncover your light and shine with Fire Element
  • Learn to listen to your heart with Air Element
  • Free knots in body and mind with Space Element

“Very self-nourishing. Five Element Yoga is a great way to relax, reflect and learn a new approach to life. I feel rejuvenated, deeply rested and relaxed, happy and optimistic! Jennifer has a loving and playful aspect – very engaging.”
~Henry French

“After Five Element Yoga I feel an inner strength built out of calmness, focus and stillness.”
~Danielle Graham

“I am now relaxed, renewed, and recharged. My frazzled nerves and flight or fight reactions toned down, a lot. Being able to feel soothed moved me. Five Element Yoga offered me a wonderful experience to find my center again.”