Guided Relaxation: Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra®
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Original Music by Mark Kelso and Bob Daly

Three classic Divine Sleep journeys of varying length.

1. Sunrise Yoga Nidra (25 min)
Practice any time of day to increase your energy and enliven your outlook.

2. Healing Rings of Light Yoga Nidra (38 min)
Good for deep healing. Especially helpful for recovering from surgery or illness.

3. Tropical Garden Yoga Nidra (15 min)
Perfect for fitting a shorter relaxation into your day.

Guided Relaxation: Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra®

Through the use of body scanning, breath awareness and guided imagery, Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra® helps melt away tension and stress. These three tracks vary in lengths of time and nature theme. Experience deeper levels of freedom through these guided journeys, as you rest, balance, restore and rejuvenate. Be supported, held and nourished as you discover a doorway to profound peace and health. Each practice leads you through all koshic levels of being. There is nothing required of you but to lie down and listen.

Jennifer’s calming and melodic voice will draw you inward to a place of deep relaxation. This easy practice requires no more than to lie down comfortably and listen. Through the use of guided imagery, breath awareness and body scanning, these three guided relaxations help alleviate not only muscular tension, but also mental and emotional stress. The perfect antidote for the demands we face in our time of frantic pace and nervous system over-stimulation. The practice of Divine Sleep transfers you to a state of harmony, health and well-being, and is also one of the best insomnia cures.

Stress-related illnesses are currently at epidemic levels. These illnesses effect the quality of our lives and can mean missing out on living fully, loss of income, and medical bills. This practice is specifically designed to relax and calm the nervous system to create the conditions our body needs for deep healing to take place.

A best-selling CD at Kripalu Center for decade! Because it works.

CD Set includes Guided Relaxation and Deep Relaxation CDs.


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