How I Slowed Down: Finding the Pace of Nature Within
Radiant Being Newsletter, February 1, 2014


Living the Real You:  7 Ways to Find Your Authentic Self
Radiant Being Newsletter, January 1, 2014


Mudra Yoga, by Jennifer Reis – KYTA Bulletin Spring 2011
KYTA Bulletin, volume 20, issue 1 – used by permission


How to Lead Body Scan in a Yoga Class
Teachasana, January 20, 2014




Yoga Nidra: Power of the Mind, by Susan Abattista 
An article about Jennifer’s Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra retreats
from the Kripalu Catalog


Ancient Form of Yoga Used to Cure Yuletide Stress
Relaxation technique found to be effective for pain, and even post-traumatic stress
from The Boston Globe, Dec. 17, 2013