Teresa Vesey

Peaceful And Rejuvenated In The Front Row Of My Life!

When I went to Kripalu in January 2015 I was trying to come back from a painful break up.  As a single, self-employed business woman, the stress of that year depleted me on every level.  And worst of all I felt unworthy.  Rejection, abandonment, loneliness and also my brother’s death, all emptied me and I could not imagine any escape.

With the encouragement of a friend, and knowing nothing of Jennifer or Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra, I enrolled in her weekend retreat at Kripalu.  On the opening evening I walked in and a space in the front row literally opened to me, as if it was inviting Me!  Typically, I would not have sought a front row mat, yet unconsciously I took myself to that mat — and am so glad I did — for it was there that I was able to receive the loving nurturance Jennifer gave.  Everything was taken care of all weekend long.  It was magical!…read more


Elizabeth Bostock

Three years ago I was wandering through life trying to figure out what I was missing. My stress level had built up to a point where I had to change or I felt like I would break. I am a single parent of two children who are trying to navigate the transition into adulthood. At the same time, my relationship with my mother was transitioning into becoming ‘care-giver’ as well as daughter.

As an obstetrician/gynecologist, I work long hours, taking care of many women who are struggling to survive. I am working in a broken health care system that sometimes seems so far out of sync with the reality of what…read more




Kristen Shantz

Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra Enriches My Personal And Professional Life

I worked in a busy community health center as the HIV/AIDS program director a decade ago. It was a great job that was very satisfying and yet there was always lots of pressure and relentless stress. My workweek often pushed beyond 60 hours and there was little to no quality time left for myself or family. I was in a constant state of stress — feeling as though I was keeping my head above water but working too hard to stay buoyant. The weekends were never a sufficient amount of time to really catch my breath. My sleep was often disturbed, and I frequently woke up in the middle of the night unable to fall back to sleep. I was on a treadmill, exhausted and did not know how to switch to off. Around that same time I was on an R&R retreat at Kripalu and had the opportunity to experience Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra with Jennifer. It was wonderful. I found that with only one class I reconnected to my deeper self, and left me refreshed in a way that I had not remembered was possible…read more

Cindy Yaple

From Stress to Bliss

Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self. – The Bhagavad Gita Being in a military family has been difficult for me and caused tremendous stress. When my husband deployed for a year, I was in a constant state of stress and anxiety. My body shut down physically and emotionally. Eating and sleeping were a constant struggle and I began to drastically lose weight. It came to a critical point when I needed to receive intravenous fluids because my body continued to deteriorate. Eventually ended up in the hospital for over a month. Doctors told me if I did not change something, things were not going to end well…read more

Kate Curtis

Now I Can Meditate and Lead Meditation with Ease:  Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra

Before discovering Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra my life was pretty good. I had a good job, good friends, and was passionate about teaching yoga. There was something missing, though. I felt like I was just constantly searching for “something more” and was never finding it. I needed a shift within myself, but had no idea how to find it. Even though I was a yoga teacher, I felt it very difficult to meditate. Then I found yoga nidra.  It’s a guided meditation usually practiced laying down that leads you through each level of being in order to both connect with your whole self and relax deeply.  When I registered for Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra teacher training, I was thinking, “I really don’t want to do this whole meditation-thing, so I’ll power my way through it.”  Yes, I began to push and force in my typical type-A fashion through meditation training!  However, I was in for a pleasant, and life-shifting surprise…read more

Jacob Welsh

From Rock Bottom to Bliss

For more than a decade, I chose to live an adventurous, challenging, and fun lifestyle. In the summer, I worked as a firefighter putting out wildfires throughout the western states in our vast network of forests. In the winter, I traveled the globe in pursuit of beautiful locations, ocean waves and volunteer opportunities. This seasonal flux between fire and water came to a crashing halt when I broke seven vertebrae and severely injured my psoas muscle while parachuting into a wildfire in Northern Idaho. With the loss of most of my physical abilities, including my consistent yoga practice, I allowed myself to essentially hit “rock bottom.” From anger to anxiety, futility to self-pity, an emotional rollercoaster rolled through my being, coupled with my old stories consistently playing in my mind like a Rolodex. Like many people in the firefighting profession, I identified myself by my job and my physical abilities……read more

Christine LeMieux

Divine Sleep Goes Beyond Other Meditations To Truly Heal, Thrive and Flourish

“Only human beings have come to a point where they know longer know why they exist … they have forgotten the secret knowledge of their bodies, their senses, their dreams.” – John Fire Lame Deer In 2011 I was physically and mentally overwhelmed with an intense flare-up from the chronic pain condition that I’d had for about 17 years — since I was 12 years old. In my quest to heal and to manage the pain, I created a list of restorative practices to help me through. Although I had been practicing yoga off and on for ten years, I evaluated all my other routine activities, as well as my environment. I recognized that my list of stressors was much longer than my list of restorative practices! I began to adjust the balance. I asked – What had I done in the past that was comforting and restored a sense of calm and ease to my mind and body? My most fundamental life-shaping experiences always had something to do with nature and the Great Outdoors. I felt like I was missing that now…read more

Eric Bennewitz

From Anxiety to Peace

Many years ago, I was living with an overload of tensions that had contributed to years of anxiety. It had gotten to the point that after a job burnout one day, I couldn’t leave my home for fear of having another anxiety attack. I realized that no one else was going to get me out of this situation, but me, so I invited big changes into my life to at least see where this anxiety was coming from and how I could live in a state of balance again. For me, balance was something that I could come into for a while, and then also fall out of for awhile. I was interested in how to realize a state of balance, while being able to deal with falling out of balance more gracefully when it happens. Enter yoga nidra. My first experience with yoga nidra was in a yoga teacher training. Upon waking up from this practice, I knew this was something that I would continue because of its simplicity and powerful effects on me physically, emotionally and mentally. I wanted to know more about this practice, so I dove into learning and practicing yoga nidra through different teachers and self-teachings…read more

Bonni-Lynne Sandler

Through Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra I Finally Begin To Release Long Held Pain

For years, I suffered emotional and physical pain in silence. My life had been challenging and I have felt deep pain and sadness which I had carried with me. As a child, I observed my father suffer from mental and physical illness. My teen years were turbulent, and I was forced to move away from my hometown during my junior year, leaving me feeling lost and completely alone. Vulnerable and trusting, I met and married a man who became my tormentor. We had three children that I constantly protected as best I could from his verbal and physical abuse. I suffered a debilitating injury during the birth of my third child, and had to end my career as public school teacher. It was at that point, my now ex-husband truly became a tyrant and I finally escaped the cycle of abuse. Fast forward to now: in this past year, I have lost both my best friend who was 49, and my sweet loving mother, as well as my home in a fire!…read more

Jennifer Cranna

My Life Changing Retreat With Jennifer: Now I Sleep Every Night and Lost Weight

I am well and wonderful, thanks to Jennifer’s amazing workshop!   I am a busy single Mom of three with a demanding full time job.  And I teach at least eight yoga classes per week!  Although I live a pretty holistic lifestyle, I suffered from insomnia and stress. Every night I would have to go to bed by nine pm because I was so exhausted, only to wake up at one or two am!  Then I would lie awake for a couple of hours reading until I fell asleep again — only to have to wake up at 6am!  I could be productive until about five in the afternoon, but then I would run the rest of the day on autopilot.  I felt mentally sluggish and drained. I came to Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra retreat with Jennifer at Kripalu for continuing education and also to learn more about Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra.  The experience went far beyond my expectations and was truly transformational.   Jennifer Reis is one of the most phenomenal teachers I have ever met. She emanates radiance and is joyful in her teaching.  Every moment of the weekend was…read more

Jessica Foster

Divine Sleep Feeds Me Deeply

I relate to Jennifer, and Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra and Five Element Yoga styles of yoga because I always feel good after! Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra is a great fit for me and what I need for at this time in my life. Divine Sleep feeds me deeply. When I am guided with Jennifer’s cd’s or when she leads me in person, I go to a place of unknown within myself. I am not sure if I am asleep or awake – but I am somewhere very peaceful. I hear her voice, but I am floating somewhere. I have been practicing yoga for about 20 years, now in my early 60′s and my life and body are changing! I feel more need to go inward than ever before. I want more meditation and contemplative lifestyle. I love being in nature walking in the woods or seeing the moon at night. My yoga and yoga nidra practices have given me the ability to slow down and notice – to be the ‘observer’. Divine Sleep has given me the ability to be peaceful now throughout my whole day. I feel more centered and present. Whenever I have trouble sleeping…read more

Basil Fisanick

From Pain to Peace and How I Got There

I grew up in an atmosphere where tension and stress was considered the norm.  I have scoliosis, a lateral curvature of the spine, which has led to difficulties throughout my life.  As a teen, I wore a body cast and dealt with pain every single day.  Following high school, I obtained my BS degree in Aviation and was employed as an airline pilot and flight instructor.  I also was employed in the law enforcement field as a probation officer.  Go-go-go! had been my motto and it was a fast paced world.  Until fifteen years ago this was great… My life and work were extremely stressful and eventually my physical health began to really suffer.  I was in constant pain because of my back, always being in the ‘pain mode’.  I awakened repeatedly during the night with fragmented restless sleep.  I was on pain medications and knew I had to find something better… I really needed to get my mind in a better place.  I felt preoccupied and had very with little space… It was because of the pain that I was led to Yoga.  Postures and meditation really worked and I stuck with it because it helped strengthen my back as well as reducing my pain levels immensely.  I noticed that my mind settled down which actually made it possible to take better care of myself ‘off’ the mat in my life.  I began to cope better with stress and sleep better too. For me the big thing was yoga nidra.  It’s helped me to sleep so…read more

Lexa Gillespie

In 2011, the normal energetic feel of my life was a whirlwind of hectic, deranged, non-stop frantic chaos! It felt as though someone had jammed the fast forward button that controlled my life. I had absolutely no clue how to slow down. Shortly after that feeling engulfed me, I was diagnosed with a stage two malignant tumor in my brain in the right temporal lobe. Acknowledging that life wasn’t about to slow down for me, I had a beautiful and empowering realization that I needed to renew! I longed to feel loving vibrancy, as well as inner serenity. Even within illness, I knew achieving it was possible. I immediately began my search for an inner state of calm that could help me get through the catastrophic event I was facing. I had only a small foundation of yoga in my life, and began integrating yoga into my daily routine. I used slowing my breath down to calm my racing mind. And I found the yogic text – the Bhagavad Gita – to be very supportive….read more

RJ Lisander

Grateful for the Balance Divine Sleep Offers Me

I was 38 and worried sick that Monday afternoon. The previous Friday, my husband of twelve years had texted to inform me he that he was canceling the three-day weekend that we had been planning. Instead, he was going to travel by himself to an undisclosed location for an indeterminate period of time. Then, I heard nothing more from him. In the thick silence of the next three days, I went through all the emotions … disbelief, worry, grief, anger, bargaining with a God I did not pray to, grief, anger, bargaining, disbelief, and then more worry. At 4:01 pm that Monday afternoon, I heard his car in the driveway. These emotions gripped me all at once and I froze. The door opened, and the first words he said were – I want a divorce. Those four simple words threw me so off balance. I thought our marriage was solid enough to weather any storm. And our love, forever. I entered into what I can only describe as a disembodied state. In the year that followed, I went through the motions of living…read more      

Mary Beth Ogulewicz

Now I Experience The World From The Deep Reservoir Of Calm Stillness And Self-Love Within

“There is a place inside you that is not broken or wounded”   — Brahmani Liebman “Listen to yourself and in that quietude you might hear the voice of god. It’s always there. Its always in you.”   — Maya Angelou Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra changed my ability to relate to myself, my fears and anxiety, and therein my life.  Becoming a Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra guide allowed me impact others on a much deeper level.  It shifted the focus of my teaching from guiding a yoga practice to doing healing work. Formerly my life was characterized by stress and tension. Diversion, distraction, and alternating between pleasure seeking and avoiding pain were my coping mechanisms for stress.  Late night binge TV watching, anxiety and sleeplessness were my couch companions. It is hard to remember you are a spiritual being when you are stuffing microwave popcorn in your mouth watching Sex & the City at 3 a.m., all because you are too anxious to rest.  These distractions eventually failed to stay the anxiety.  My ability to protect myself from the strain of my life disintegrated.  The acuteness of my stress caused me to try Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra….read more

Sherrie Howard

Yoga and Divine Sleep Helped Me Transition My Career and Step Onto a Path of Love and Healing

Before I practiced Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra I didn’t have a way to completely relax or let everything go.  I often did not have an awareness of myself or know what I was feeling.  I was simply rushing around in my extremely busy life.  I was tense, anxious, and I carried a lot of tightness in my body.  I did not always feel confident about myself. Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra allows me to completely relax and let go of everything!  I practice when I’m super busy and I need to take time to stop and relax.  I put on Jennifer’s CD and float!  When I have trouble sleeping, it’s a powerful tool that’s very useful for me. Now I know what it’s like to have ‘self-care’ in my life and what it’s like to really be able to take time for me.  I know when my cup is filling up too much, and at the same time, I know when my cup is empty and needs refilling.  Practicing yoga and yoga nidra regularly now, I am so much more aware of my body, and I’m less tense.  When I get tense now, I’m aware of it, and I can make the choice to let it go, which feels empowering.  Now I can process my feelings, and respond in a way that’s appropriate.  I know where to put my trust.  I feel I can handle life challenges better because …read more

Kristy Vizzone

I Found that Place Inside that’s Calm

Before I regularly practiced Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra I was caught up rushing a lot and not taking a minute to breathe and be present and to just be ‘me’. I’m a ‘worrier’ and at times have negative thoughts and self-doubt rushing through my head. Just before I first took my first class with Jennifer at Kripalu Center, my husband and three children and I were caught in Hurricane Sandy. We live by the beach and our house was demolished! We had to evacuate and didn’t know what we were coming back to. For a few weeks we were roaming all over the place – and I was all over the place with the kids – not knowing where we were going to end up or where we were going to live. Insomnia cannot even describe what I was going through – I could not sleep AT ALL. I had anxiety attacks and panic attacks. I felt like I was waiting for something bad to happen – the other shoe to fall. In this state, I came to Kripalu and took Jennifer’s workshop, and after arising from Divine Sleep I felt that ‘what just happened?’ It was like a miracle – I came out feeling this wonderful sense that ‘everything is going to be okay’! I felt like ‘the universe has me, is taking care of me, and everything is okay’. I said ‘what did she just do to me?’…read more

Lisa Danahy

Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra Gave Me A Safe Space To Get To Know Me — And I Really Like Me!

Previously I sought a lot of sources outside myself in my search for balance.  I imagined that the key to becoming calm and balanced was in physical exercise.  I had been raising two growing kids, changed my career, and was trying to find my way as a yoga instructor and educator, but I had not found the tools to truly connect with myself in a positive way. The last twenty years of my life have been spent managing a preschool and raising my kids.  When my youngest one went off to college, I decided to make a big change!  My intention was to take the yoga tools that I had to help kids and adults find calm, connect with themselves, and also to provide parents and teachers tools to teach the kids themselves.  Personally, I also wanted to do more yoga, knowing that there was a special and powerful side of yoga that I had been hesitant to explore, and had yet to find. When I found yoga nidra, I found a compassionate practice that gave me…read more

Khloe Alice Lin

Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra Has Been My Saving Grace

Before I practiced yoga nidra, I very anxious.  It’s really hard for me sometimes to relax and to trust myself.  I always want the guidance from other – whether it’s a friend, an older person, a wiser person, a guru, a therapist – an ‘authority’.  “I don’t really trust myself.  I don’t know what to do.  I want advice from other people,” but after practicing Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra, I realized that “This body, and my wisdom, are all right here.  It’s inside.  It’s always been here, within me!” My constitution is vata – meaning air and ether elements.  So it’s really hard for me to be still and stay still unless I’m completely floored by exhaustion.  When I practice Divine Sleep, the most amazing thing is I don’t have to do anything!  I just lie down and let my mind relax – then my body relaxes, and this opens into trusting my inner voice, trusting the guide, and trusting the loving heart of the universe.  It works instantly – and it’s fun…read more   

Heidi Beke-Harrigan

Reconnecting to My True Self

About a year before I attended Jennifer’s Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra Teacher Training I went through a breast cancer scare, which was a real wake up call about my health and my life. My children were about to leave for college, my work was a stressful mess, and I was trying to be a million things to a million different people. Worry had taken over my life! No wonder my body was trying to get my attention in desperate ways. Yoga nidra together with a regular yoga posture practice changed all that. It didn’t happen overnight — at first there was so much to wade through. Gradually my yoga nidra practice gave me space to not only reconnect with my true Self, but to be able to process and explore feelings and reactions, as well as develop compassion toward myself. That was a huge inner transition for me! I had been brought up to believe…read more


Ana Shreck

To Truly Let Go Peacefully

Ana Schreck I recently completed Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra teacher training with Jennifer. Yoga nidra is an essential part of my life and  the changes in my life are profound. I am more comfortable and allowing of  myself. I surrender into a place of beautifully being, rather than needing to  do so much. Before discovering yoga nidra, I was a  “go-getter” and perfectionist.  I easily wound up before bedtime and had difficult  sleeping, with resistance of even getting into bed. Going to bed somehow felt  like giving up because I felt like I was not accomplishing anything.  I fought  sleep because it felt like weakness rather than a sweet surrender.  I did not understand that “letting go” could be a desirable, beneficial experience to balance and ground me.  I previously practiced hot power yoga and fought sleep, even if I was tired rather than honouring myself. I constantly added fuel to my already fiery self by making lists and multitasking to keep going, going, going! I could not concentrate or sit still, finding ways to distract myself and get out of the moment of my own experience. I became addicted to distraction. I wanted to be anywhere but with myself…read more


Waller McInnis

I Celebrate That I Feel Grounded in Myself

Waller McInnis Waller had been through many upheavals including being her father’s care-giver. She found the practice of Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra tremendously assisted in integrating  her emotions and reactions, allowing her to feel her true light again as a smiling, radiant being! She is an inspiration for healing through Self-Love and self care. I’ve struggled with depression since I was a little kid, as well as an eating disorder that I almost died from just about five years ago. Thinking I was ‘in recovery’, while I had been malnourished for many years. Following breaking down a few years ago, I put on more weight than I was comfortable with and felt not like myself. I had been living from a place of doing and taking care of others. I was not conscious of a compulsive need to help others and keep my body in shape to keep up with my best. It was an endless cycle of isolation and shame. Then, at the same time, I had to take care of my dad who was going through a psychotic breakdown which transpired into dementia. Nothing I had done in the past – intense workouts, yoga or meditation – worked for grounding because the grief from my dad’s situation was causing me to not be able to work very much or sleep….read more

Lorraine Evans

Finding Clear Mind

182787_10151647718308245_1008171802_n 2 Lorraine came from Montreal to attend Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra Teacher Training in Boston.  She was very quiet and thoughtful with the presence of a Buddha – or Buddhess!  I was not surprised to find out that she was a meditator.  Not only did Divine Sleep help her meditation practice deepen, give her more options of meditations to practice, but helped her to get grounded, confident, and clear in her mind and actions!  Originally from England, she has a beautiful accent – imagine being guided in Divine Sleep with an English accent?  Beautiful!  Here is her story.  My life was pretty good.  I’d been doing meditation which was helping me live life in a way that was generally happy each day – but not always.  I use to give myself a headache from having two inner parts of me saying, ‘why don’t you do this’ or ‘why don’t you do that’ like a tennis match.  And these two opposite parts were always trying to work out what I should do in life… Should I take this job?  Should I keep working on writing this book I’ve been working on the past few years?  Or lay it to rest?  I would let my thoughts get far too carried away without actually listening to what I actually wanted to do, from a place of feeling or intuition.  It made me an indecisive person.  I’d been doing so many different things in my life and not really following anything through with any one thing. My family lives in England and I used to just not enjoy going there.  I went to a few therapy sessions a couple years ago and we focused on working through childhood things.  It did not help me find many answers to my issues. I took the Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra Teacher Training with Jennifer in Boston last year and it was life changing! …read more

Alison DeNicola

Finding My Voice

Alison DeNicola2 Years ago I was very caught up in the world of vigorous yoga, and working out – ‘relaxation by exhaustion’. I did not allow myself to have that space to travel inward and to see what was going on. I did weekend trainings for my Yoga Teacher Training when my children were small because that’s all the time I could take out of a busy schedule.  But I did not begin teaching yoga – I couldn’t find my voice – my teaching voice. I was a very avid student and had been practicing a long time, attended and completed other related professional trainings, but it wasn’t until I came to Jennifer’s Yoga and Deep Relaxation Retreat: the Gift of Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra with my mother, that things began to click. I found my path! I’ll never forget when my Mom came out of one of the Divine Sleep journeys and said, “I was an eagle, and I was flying over Jerusalem!” It was so real and vivid for her, and such a powerful experience. We had a profound experience during the retreat together. In the midst of mother-daughter bonding, I was reaching these deep places of rest and relaxation I had never experienced. It really touched me, and so much happened within me in those two days. Our group became a harmonious community throughout the weekend. I left that workshop and the following year had huge transformations in store. My husband lost his job, and our lives completely changed. I did a hypnosis certification and I thought ‘what I really need to do is the Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra Teacher Training!’ It’s similar work, but I longed for the yoga nidra way to go deep inside and transform. Finding My Words and My Voice I came back to Kripalu and did the training with Jennifer….read more

Emma Fletcher

I’ve Been Given A Great Gift…The Gift Of Myself

Emma Fletcher crop Under a significant amount of stress during the past couple of years, I was in a space where I knew something had to change.  Fear, in its all-pervasive forms, was sticking to me like crazy glue and I needed to find a way to dissolve its hold. My physical body had begun to pay the price, with a plethora of symptoms appearing with no seeming resolution despite my best efforts. My mental and emotional bodies were wrung out and despite having a whole lot of intellectual knowledge on how to counteract it, I was just not able to find the “off” switch to unwind.  I was living in a perpetual state of anxiety, at a crossroads in many areas of my life and decision-making felt impossible. With no direction and no clear road ahead, at times I felt like a prisoner with nowhere to go. So I took the deep dive inward to locate the cause of my discomfort and used my life experiences as a mirror. In the reflection I watched as deep-seated core beliefs emerged from the dark recesses of my mind. Important to know, but what to do now?  I caught a glimpse of the Kripalu Calendar and looked through it. The description of the Yoga and Deep Relaxation Retreat: the Gift of Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra, declaring that I would ‘experience deeper levels of inner freedom than I could possibly imagine’ was exactly what I was looking for!  The timing was perfect…it started in less than a week….read more

Mary Lou Minard

  I always knew the importance of resting at the end of yoga class in savasana and how it could help integrate the poses and bring peace and the calm ability to flow through life. But I had no idea of the profound effects of Divine Sleep yoga nidra. After practicing with Jennifer I have more energy and sleep better. I look forward to practicing her CD’s and do not feel guilty about resting. I am looking forward to attending Jennifer’s Yoga Nidra Teacher training and to be able to share it with my yoga students. I have been teaching yoga for twenty years and now teach seven classes per week, read, exercise and see my honey on the weekends. I was laid off from my corporate job ten years ago and had saved money so it turned out to be a blessing because now I can teach yoga and do the things I want to explore.  I handle life and its bumps so much better because of yoga.  I am receiving the many physical, mental and emotional benefits of yoga nidra.  I thankfully live a pretty stress-free life!…  read more

Victoria Mower

  I have struggled with anxiety and depression all my life.  It all began with childhood  trauma and by my mid-twenties,  anxiety attacks became a regular occurrence for me.  I could feel when it was coming on and I would just become  more and more tense, with shallow breathing and my heart racing.  It would feel like I was going to die and then I would become very frightened which led to even greater anxiety. It was a vicious cycle.  My doctor would come to my house and give me an injection of anti-anxiety medication to calm me down. In my earlier years I anestheticized myself with drugs and alcohol. Later, I began to try other healthier things such as Biofeedback, mindfulness training, bodywork, TM and many different therapies and therapists. There was not much I did not try in an attempt to manage my anxiety and depression. I learned a lot about myself, the source of the problem, and managed to make profound changes in my life to continue to be productive. I sure do wish I would have known about Yoga Nidra then…  read more

Sue Keane

Listening to Her Highest Self   I have never seen transformation like Sue’s this July after only two days of Yoga and Deep Relaxation Retreat.  When she arrived, Sue seemed somewhat skeptical, but more than that she appeared to be drawn tight inside herself, with a look on her face like she had just seen something terrible.  On our second full day together in retreat, Sue’s demeanor had completely changed.   I literally did not recognize this person before me, smiling from her inner light, radiant, and completely at ease.  Who was this new student I wondered?  Finally I recognized who she was.  I was delighted for her!  I truly wish I had a before and after photo of Sue. I wanted to know more about Sue and her life.  She shared with the group that she suffered from PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).  Not only is Sue a veteran of the US Military  Operation Desert Storm and a Police Officer with promotions to Sergeant and Detective Sergeant with the Port Authority of NY/NJ, but she was also a first responder at the World Trade Center on 9/11. It was not until 2010 that,  struggling to cope with the effects of PTSD, she decided to take a leave of absence, and dedicated her life to healing herself.  When someone makes the focus of their life their own healing, I always get choked up.  There is nothing more powerful and sacred than listening to our highest self and responding.  There is no more tender a relationship than that.  I hope you enjoy Sue’s story… read more

Ellen Faye

After a recent yoga class at Kriplau, Ellen came to me with tears in her eyes to thank me for the powerful effects and changes she has witnessed in herself with three years of practicing Yoga Nidra. She also had unfortunate news to share – she had just suffered a concussion. She told me Yoga Nidra is her ‘go to tool’ and she practiced it every day after the concussion to bring her into her body’s own healing mode. Here is Ellen’s story: Before I practiced Yoga Nidra, I found it really difficult to control or manage my stress. I had no tool to calm and settle myself that would work consistently. I am a ‘type A’: running businesses, raising kids, and volunteering. Professionally, I am an organizer. I help others to get their lives into order by removing clutter from their lives so they can focus on what gives satisfaction. Most of this is emotional clutter or ‘should’ clutter: ‘I should be this way’ ‘I should do that’. So I was immediately drawn to Yoga Nidra since it is a practice of non-doing and non-pushing – but with just a tiny bit of structure…  read more

Rowan Lischerelli

The Magic Wand of Yoga Nidra Before I entered into the world of yoga and Yoga Nidra I did not have the tools in life to deal with so many things. Sleep was difficult and inconsistent. I was agitated and moody and did not know how to tolerate the consequences of being myself from day to day. I was scattered in my thoughts. I had always struggled with feeling chaotic, insecure and ungrounded. I was searching and not finding. In May of 2010, instead of walking across the stage to receive my graduation degree from UNCA, I flew to Kripalu to attend Yoga Nidra Teacher Training with Jennifer! It was how I honored my rite of passage from student life into my professional life. That was almost three years ago, and that’s when everything changed for me… from the training itself to beginning a deep and consistent Yoga Nidra practice that I have since maintained… read more 

Susan Abbattista

It was sheer joy to meet Susan last summer when she attended my retreat at Kripalu. She is completely down to earth, focused on her practice and discovering herself, and so bone tickling-ly funny! She had us all in stitches every time she shared with us what was going on for her. It is wonderful in her writing here to discover more about her journey and history. I appreciate humor and opportunities to laugh together are precious. Thank you Susan for helping us all to take our ‘processes’ not quite so seriously and with joy and lightness. “A child of the sixties, I grew up in a house where there was always a lot of noise and static. It seemed like there was always some drama going on, in the family or out in the world. And in our house, deep in the suburbs of Long Island, the TV news was always blaring in the background, fueling the anxiety. Nationally, we had Vietnam and Watergate. Closer to home: Fires, guns, and missing children. My mother was a constant worrier. No matter what I was doing – bike riding, going to the beach, or later, heading off to college – her words to me were always the same: “Be very careful.” So I’ve always had this low-level anxiety that just around the corner, something terrible was about to happen… read more

Bobbi Greenberg

Yoga Nidra: A blessing in my life. Bobbi was instrumental in bringing Yoga Nidra Teacher Training to an amazing yoga community in Ontario this past year. It was joyous to be invited and to meet a new community. Bobbi approached me with tears of release after one powerful yoga nidra journey. She said to me “I finally got what I wished for– I finally stayed awake the entire yoga nidra.” I knew something big within her was finally integrating, she was feeling it now, and she would feel so clear and fresh soon after. I wanted to share her story with you to help us understand just how powerful Divine Sleep yoga nidra can be. Before my daily yoga nidra practice I was living a busy chaotic life, scattered all over the place, Most of all I did not sleep well and that affected every aspect of my life. Being a type ‘A’ personality and being at a certain age when sleep is not always a sure thing, a friend gave me Jennifer’s CD, and it could not have come at a better time…read more

Verne D’Angelo

It is said that ‘When the student is ready, the teacher shows up’, and Verne added: ‘regardless of age!’ When Verne turned 60, and she thought of being 65 one day, she wondered what will she do then? Something in her said she had to become a yoga teacher. Verne is a breast cancer survivor and began practicing yoga after having surgery. What an inspiration! She let her light shine and did her yoga teacher training for her 61st birthday! “Teaching yoga is the perfect thing! I am so grateful for this opportunity and for my teachers. I was able to attend Jennifer’s Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra teacher training in Ontario, Canada. I had been leading yoga nidra, but fumbling my way through the dark to some degree, and Jennifer’s training helped me to learn the depth of this powerful practice and also to feel confident in my delivery of it…read more

Dave Gerlits

Dave and I first met when I gave him a bodywork session at Kripalu in Healing Arts. Dave then signed up for the newsletter and has incorporated it into his life ever since. He is so kind, open, relaxed and sincere, and when I met his wife, Bobbi, she was the same. I wondered how they lived their lives to embody these beautiful qualities, and asked Dave if he would share a little with us. And isn’t it about time we had a man in the Spotlight? “In 1977 I graduated college and began to practice Transcendental Meditation — seated meditation on a sound or word. I had a strong practice and meditation gave my mind a way to relax tension and anxiety. But I still could feel it in my throat, chest and diaphragm. And when I hold tension in my body,it also affecting me mentally and psychologically. At that time in my life, I was less confident and more fearful. I joined the Navy to see the world and then saw it through a periscope! In the Navy I studied nuclear power. I always had a desire to cultivate both sides of myself — the mystical and the scientific…         read more

Tanya Mossman

I was in a pretty good place with myself having been involved with 12 Step program for addiction for the last seven years. However I was feeling somewhat imbalanced and undisciplined. I also did not feel a vital connection to the world and myself. Then I attended one Yoga Nidra session with Jennifer and my life changed! I knew instantly that this was for me. A light went on and said “follow me- this is it”! 12 Step has been so powerful for me, and Yoga Nidra became my next step. Yoga Nidra has brought me to a deeper level of healing and living life fully. My world was much smaller and Jennifer opened me up to a much bigger space…    read more