There Is Enough Time For Everything – Focusing Might Mean Saying “No”

By Jennifer Reis from Radiant Being Newsletter, April 2015

Recently, I felt my energy depleted, partially due to the negative mantra in my head saying ‘There’s not enough time’. Does this sound familiar to you? It’s neither a useful nor correct belief, because there’s always enough time for what is important.

Learning to say ‘no’ to what doesn’t serve us can open up a ton of time for things that matter and are meaningful to you. The average person will watch the equivalent of 9 years of TV in their lifetime! Maybe you don’t watch TV but you can probably see somewhere that you could curb your enthusiasm – maybe it’s shopping, internet or social media, video games, or even spending time with people who don’t enrich your life.

I recall Stephen Cope saying that people who are extraordinary are extraordinary because of what they say ‘no’ to in order to keep their forces on their chosen focus. To me that sounds a lot like living life as a meditation. However for me, the mantra of ‘There’s not enough time’ got stuck in my head! Every night from 8-11pm I was furiously doing all the housework that needed doing: laundry, dishes, cleaning. I was tired and I was pushing! My body said ‘rest’ and my mind said ‘you have to get this done now – there’s not enough time during the day’.

Another not-so-brilliant idea in my head was- ‘During the day when I can think is when I do all my writing, emailing, class prep etc. At night when I’m tired and can’t think is when I do the menial chores.’ Ugg! I was not listening tomy body and I felt like my own slave-driver. I reflected on the yin-yang symbol – it’s an exact mirror of the rhythms of day and night and offers instruction on how it’s best to manage our own energy. Half of our time and Earth’s time is awake and active in the white. And half of our time and Earth’s time is resting and retreating in black. And our bodies and minds naturally flow with this same rhythm – needing to rest for half of our hours!

I’m inspired by Benedictine Monks who for hundreds of years have followed the yin-yang of night and day with The Great Silence. From 8pm – 8am they practice silence together, a time to go inward, rest, reflect and be with God.

Much of what ‘practice’ has become for me is to uncover the natural rhythms of my body, the five elements, and nature. By becoming clearer about my focus in life and what I’m here to do, I’ve replaced those negative mantras with ‘There is enough time for everything’, noticing where I’m squandering time and getting backto my real focus. And also ‘Rest, rest, rest, take rest’, instead of ‘Get it done!’

Now, I turn all electronics and screens off for the night at 8pm, and do the laundry before then as well! Honoring natural rhythms is important and can offer a life of balance and health.
Jennifer Reis Yoga 2015©

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