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Five Element Yoga® Practices
Need help with Restful Sleep? Read and/or Print this practice of mudras, self-massage, breathing, and simple postures to help you shift within for greater health and harmony. READ MORE
September 28, 2015
from Radiant Being Newsletter, October. 2015, Issue 66, Jennifer Reis Yoga© READ MORE
Join me in my garden for a calming, grounding and cleansing, Five Element Yoga® practice to help you find trust in yourself and the world. CLICK HERE FOR 'LETTING GO INTO TRUST' YOGA PRACTICE
This easy but potent flow strengthens your core and allows you to cultivate peace and ease within. Develops breath, and increases awareness of body and flow of energy currents that pulse inward and outward to nourish all systems of the body. Allows you to create quiet all around you as you spread your peace outward into the world.