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Five Element Yoga® Practices
INHALE “Freedom surrounds me.” From Standing Squat: Utkatasana, OR Mountain Pose: Tadasana, bring left hand to your heart center and sweep your right arm back to spread your seeds of Freedom all around you. Then EXHALE to center. Then sweep your left hand back with right hand on the heart. READ MORE
Revitalize with Jennifer as she leads a Five Element Yoga practice to uplift and boost your energy! EXHALE “Like a bud in springtime…” Kneel (or stand) with elbows bent at your sides, opening your chest as a tulip waiting to rise up and open. Sense your potential. INHALE “My heart expands and radiates light.” Radiate your arms from your heart-center like rays of the sun. Gently backbend to open your...
May 1, 2012
Mudras are gestures or postures that are performed with the hands, face, or other areas of the body. My explorations primarily focus on hand mudras. In Sanskrit, mudra means gesture or seal, referring to ‘locking in’ a specific feeling, mind state, or energy to create a particular experience. Mudras are a bridge for awakening the body as a sacred temple of the divine, and the hands are the key to...