Five Element Yoga & Mudras
Enjoy this article by Jenn Savage in Mother Nature Network blog, featuring a short yoga flow with ME! All levels can easily do this practice.   CLICK HERE to Practice Now!          
Enjoy this a 12-minute Five Element Yoga® flow with Kripalu Schools faculty Jennifer Reis, designed to help you feel more grounded and calm as you tap into the Water and Earth elements. This is an all-levels practice! Please have a cushion or block handy and also feel free to adapt this practice to your body's needs right now. Masterfully created by Right Light Productions Shaun Laframboise.      
February 23, 2018
These two mudras help to balance WATER ELEMENT. They enhance circulation of energy-prana through the whole body, organs and joints as well as moisten, lubricate, and de-congest the joints. You may like to practice these mudras as a flow or individually. Hold for 5-10 natural breaths to start, increasing over time if you like. State the affirmations three times out loud, then silently. Matsya Fish Mudra "I am nourished by...
This Five Element Yoga flow is designed to circulate your energy! In 10 easy steps, flow prana life-force through your joints, spine and body to  connect more fully with your inner wisdom. Learn to let go what is no longer needed opening to what is fresh and present for you now. For all levels. Approximately 15 minutes but you can shorten or lengthen it if you like by taking more...