Love + Laughter
When living in a body, its very important to BATHE, but it doesn't always mean that we, or our animal friends, always want to or like to.  
Beauty in connection and relationship. A touching video of sweet children who agreed to be blindfolded then search for and find their mothers in a small group of women. This one made me cry! Just to let you know - they all find their mothers.
This woman is living out my alter-ego!  She is both a nun -- and up on stage singing pop -- with so much soul, heart and vibrance.  I love the expressiveness of the very surprised judges she sings for in Italy.
December 22, 2015
Wow incredible! Most people can't ever learn to do what these amazing kids can do - dance, jump, cycle, climb with fearlessness and skill. I feel so inspired - Mom do you still have my skateboard?