Love + Laughter
Imagine running without your sight to guide you up and down mountains! In this old 3-minute video a runner leads his blind runner friend in the Dipsea Race. This is powerful inspiration still potent for us today! Learning and developing TRUST can be scary and can take time: trusting another person, trusting your body and intuition, trusting the Earth, trusting the unfolding of life when it can seem to be...
A very touching story in our video about twin brothers separated at birth because of war who reunite after 70 years. They are so sweet and look to the future with joy!
September 1, 2015
Just when you need a good laugh, here it is! Hilarious spoof — food the faster way…   click the image below
August 20, 2015
Twin babies stay cool in this beautiful and moving video of one of their first baths!.