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Relaxation + Sleep
November 27, 2016
These three mudras will bring you into your calming, soothing center and out of the chattering mind and ocean of emotion to be at peace once again. ADHI MUDRA "I am always calm in the center of my being." Place your thumbs inside your palms and gently make loose fists around thumbs. Turn hands downward on your lap. Notice your natural breath, sensing its natural rhythm through your body. Good...
Just watching this sweet puppy trying to stay awake but falling asleep while sitting up is so sweet and relaxing to the nervous system!  
This video makes me cry and laugh! So precious to be so young, new and fragile. There are so many moments in this video I don't know which is my favorite. It helps me to feel the fullness of Joy and to simply be present with the wonders of emotions and the mystery of life.        
June 29, 2016
Your Inner Smile is glowing golden inside of you all the time! All you have to do is become AWARE of it, and a magical thing happens: you begin to sense how it fills you with bliss, awakens your positive qualities as well as your own potent healing energy. You may like to hold Hansi Mudra (also in a blog post here) while you practice this meditation. Find a comfortable way...