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Tips for Managing Stress
Enjoy these simple meditations that you can practice anytime, from 1-minute or longer, or all day!         Gaze into a FLOWER. Notice and savor your time inside this flower. Use all of your senses: See the colors, patterns, geometric forms; Smell its fragrance; Feel its texture; Sense it opening like wings out to the Universe and the stars and planets... BREATHE for 3-minutes into your Belly with...
Try these three easy massage points to help with summer heat and discomfort! Simply press in a rhythmic motion these acupressure points for 1-3 minutes each, on both hands, in a comfortable manner (you don't need to make it hurt for it to work!).   'Lesser Palace' - Point between 4th and 5th metacarpal bones. Clears excess heat from Heart and Small Intestine channels and is part of the Fire...
February 2, 2019
Video of Kapota Dove Mudra and Hridaya Heart Mudra to help you connect you with the essence of your Heart @Kripalu Center with birdsong.           Click on LARGE image for VIDEO                  
April 2, 2018
Funny and cute! My Mom and I use to Jazzercize back in the day, and this darling guy JP just brought it all back for me. BTW 'Yoga Comedian' might be a good occupation!