Tips for Managing Stress
Spring-time has intense new energies at the Earth starts to push growth upward into the light! We can feel this intensity within ourselves, as Wood Element, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, becomes more active within us. Liver and gallbladder are the organs and channels associated with Wood Element and are happen to be organs most affected by stress and emotions. Wood Element imbalance can be very common during spring: anger,...
There's no need to dive into ice cold water to cool down! These three energy points from Traditional Chinese Medicine, through the practice of Shiatsu finger pressure, can help you with summer heat, or any cause of heat within you, and discomfort. Simply circle or press and release in a rhythmic pulsing motion these points for 1-3 minutes each, on both sides of the body, with a comfortable level of...
February 2, 2019
Video of Kapota Dove Mudra and Hridaya Heart Mudra to help you connect you with the essence of your Heart @Kripalu Center with birdsong.           Click on LARGE image for VIDEO                  
April 2, 2018
Funny and cute! My Mom and I use to Jazzercize back in the day, and this darling guy JP just brought it all back for me. BTW 'Yoga Comedian' might be a good occupation!