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Tips for Managing Stress
I always find it funny, interesting and relaxing to watch grocery dominos- a fun game! Also great that someone else will clean it up.        
February 28, 2017
This is a hilarious yoga class from CBC in Canada! Proof that even our neighbours to the north can have blue days (although here in the US I like to think its all rainbows and blue sky to up there!) Hope you enjoy it, I hope that your yoga teacher is nice to you and not too needy.            
Animals have a way of making me smile on the inside and the outside! This beagle puppy is so hilarious. Please enjoy!  
One of the best ways to connect with your body and hear it's messages is through touch. Often we have no idea how a part of the body feels until we, or someone else, touches it, revealing tenderness, tightness, numbness, strength and so on. Here's a great starter video on how to do Abhyanga Self-Massage with Warm Oil by Banyan Botanicals. It can be helpful to have Jennifer’s HANDOUT: Abhyanga...