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Iceland is one big transition after another kindled by the mix of the elements: Earth + Water + Fire + Air + Ether = Beauty and continual change everywhere you look with the play of Elements. Relaxing music and a looooong sweet video offered here for you to slow down, observe nature, and receive the gifts change brings. Click image below for video:  
Amazing time-lapse film photography capturing the change of light over the most beautiful scenery! I am reminded of this poem:     Each time I look at a fine landscape: Each time that I meet a loved friend, I raise my voice and recite a stanza of poetry, And am glad as though a God had crossed my path. ~ Po Chu-I, Chinese Poet 772-846    
Larry Callies's life has had many twists and turns. Talk about a resilient spirit! Life changed him and he changed too - gaining wisdom, and a newfound knowledge of himself. It reminds me of how life right now is changing and asking so many of us to grow right now. May we flow with it like Larry has. (Plus, growing up in cowboy country, I'm sucker for cowboy stories and...
The wonder and beauty of nature is refreshing, beautiful and a miracle! Relaxing piano music and flowers blooming for a whole hour. Bring some ease into your day now.