February 26, 2019
Sweetest story with a happy ending! Two baby deer are born in someone's backyard and one had a lame leg. They took the deer in to allow her to heal, and successfully released her back to Mommy Deer! Updated videos follow of how the deer grows up healthy, well and whole.         CLICK ABOVE IMAGE TO SEE VIDEO
Enjoy this easy to follow meditation with Jennifer. Find greater wholeness by visiting your inner levels of being called the Five Koshas. Originally from the ancient wisdom of yoga in the Upanishads, you can use this simple map of what it means to be a human being today to find contentment and ease, by resting in the truth of who you truly are.              ...
Lush forest video pond with birdsong for 2hrs. Put this on while you're doing chores or computer work. Also great for resting, yoga and meditation, to hear the voice of your heart.
February 2, 2019
Video to connect you with the essence of your Heart @Kripalu Center, with birdsong in summertime.                   CLICK IMAGE ABOVE FOR VIDEO