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Larry Callies's life has had many twists and turns. Talk about a resilient spirit! Life changed him and he changed too - gaining wisdom, and a newfound knowledge of himself. It reminds me of how life right now is changing and asking so many of us to grow right now. May we flow with it like Larry has. (Plus, growing up in cowboy country, I'm sucker for cowboy stories and...
The wonder and beauty of nature is refreshing, beautiful and a miracle! Relaxing piano music and flowers blooming for a whole hour. Bring some ease into your day now.  
Wow this is so interesting! How DO they sleep in space? Cute video with Chris in Canada shows us how its done! (I can imagine if they had yoga nidra pumped into their sleep stations it would improve their sleep too!)
Jennifer guides you in this simple Five Element Yoga® self-massage, breath and mudra flow to boost your immune system naturally. There is so much more you can do than 'wash your hands' to stay protected! Do this practice daily, drink lots of water, and cut back on sugar and alcohol because viruses feed on them.       Want more? Five Element Yoga® WEEKEND May 8-10 at Kripalu Center Stockbridge...