Yoga Wisdom + Inspiration
This is a touching and beautiful story of a loving family who support and encourage each other as a team. Even more than a team, actually, because they are living their lives in service of each other. And also have the gratitude and realization of how amazing each family member is. That service extends out into the community in their family run business.
August 3, 2016
If you are anything like me, making a plan and having an agenda to follow can feel very grounding. Having a plan gives us a starting point, and helps us to see how we might reach our goal.  How can anything happen if you don't first imagine, then plan it? Whether walking the dog, planting a garden or flying to the moon, seeing it first, then planning to achieve your...
Wisdom from a sweet thoughtful man. "I go out to the park and I might just meditate. You know you got to let things go. Holding onto anger will only stagnate your growth and development. I try not to go backwards, I try to go forwards..."
The kind act of a man on a train who doesn't know he's being filmed makes her cry! And now we can all feel the love by watching this video. It makes you think - what joy it's possible to give someone for so little. Inspiring!