Yoga Wisdom + Inspiration
This morning as I gazed out the kitchen window, I was amazed to see the most lit up juicy-pink sunrise, rolling like waves over the mountain, to warm the baron and colorless landscape. Beauty abounds! Even in this cold dark place, beauty can warm and heal, as it warmed my morning heart. It felt like myself and my husband Michael were the only souls there to see it, feel it,...
Beauty in connection and relationship. A touching video of sweet children who agreed to be blindfolded then search for and find their mothers in a small group of women. This one made me cry! Just to let you know - they all find their mothers.
January 16, 2016
DEAR GOD Dear God, please reveal to us your sublime beauty that is everywhere, everywhere, everywhere, so that we will never again feel frightened. my divine love, my love, please let us touch your face. Rabia of Basra (c. 717-801) female Islamic Saint from the Sufi tradition        
This woman is living out my alter-ego!  She is both a nun -- and up on stage singing pop -- with so much soul, heart and vibrance.  I love the expressiveness of the very surprised judges she sings for in Italy.