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I love this! Kristin Neff, a leading researcher of self-compassion, has some easy ideas for Self-Compassion, including Hridaya Heart Mudra that I teach in the VIDEO in our Five Element Yoga® mudra practice!    
November 1, 2019
The sound of gentle chimes moved by the warmth of the candles... this reminds me of the angel chimes that made there appearance each holiday season during my childhood! I've always been looking for another set but haven't found them yet. Maybe this year. Chimes and candles invite a warm, peacefilled energy good for when you're on the computer, devices, or for yoga and meditation. It goes on for 3.5...
June 2, 2019
What does it mean to Self-Love? And how do I cultivate a life lived by it? Self-love is about learning to listen and to care for oneself. And with this care - not only you - but all beings, and the whole universe, multiverse, are abundantly fed and fueled with this potent nourishing energy. Living in Self-Love gives others permission to do the same for themselves. Having compassion for yourself sets the tone of...
This is an amazing story of boys Thai Soccer team who after being trapped in a cave for ten days were found meditating! Their coach had been a Buddhist monk and taught them how to meditate in order to stay calm while waiting and hoping for rescue. They all made it out alive!