Yoga Wisdom + Inspiration
In a forest of Giant trees, indigenous girl Oquirá challenges her destiny to learn and to understand transformation. Flute music with beautiful creative animation, this short shows us the profound connection to nature, and especially to the trees, of her world. I love how after a tree was respectfully felled, it breathed a few more breaths before surrendering totally! Magical!
October 29, 2018
Soundstrue created this beautiful video of myself and my dear Mohican friend Shawn Stevens on the sacredness of the land at Kripalu. Shawn's ancestors lived here for thousands of years in harmony with the land, then suffered an imposed 'letting go' by being displaced from their homelands about 260 years ago. Shawn loves to return here, and through him, I have found my own roots in this place I now...
Are you seeking greater simplicity in your life? Begin by asking these 3  questions: • What can I LET GO of? • Where do I want to say 'NO' in my life? • What HABIT can I change?   1. LET GO... Into Humanness Holding on to old habits, worn out schedules, old tired thoughts and feelings, can be draining. Feeling a bit dragged down myself, this summer I was...
August 26, 2018
Join me for Peaceful Breathing to help calm and sooth you, bring you back into the moment for greater simplicity in your mind and body. CLICK HERE