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Yoga Nidra + Meditation
February 28, 2017
This is a hilarious yoga class from CBC in Canada! Proof that even our neighbours to the north can have blue days (although here in the US I like to think its all rainbows and blue sky to up there!) Hope you enjoy it, I hope that your yoga teacher is nice to you and not too needy.            
June 29, 2016
Your Inner Smile is glowing golden inside of you all the time! All you have to do is become AWARE of it, and a magical thing happens: you begin to sense how it fills you with bliss, awakens your positive qualities as well as your own potent healing energy. You may like to hold Hansi Mudra (also in a blog post here) while you practice this meditation. Find a comfortable way...
February 28, 2016
Using one sense can refresh all of the other senses by just simply stopping and paying attention for some moments, with focus on one sense - like the ears and listening. Try this easy meditation to refresh and awaken the senses: Wherever you are, indoors, or outside, cup your hands behind both ears and close your eyes. As best you can, allow all sounds to come to you without pushing...
This morning as I gazed out the kitchen window, I was amazed to see the most lit up juicy-pink sunrise, rolling like waves over the mountain, to warm the baron and colorless landscape. Beauty abounds! Even in this cold dark place, beauty can warm and heal, as it warmed my morning heart. It felt like myself and my husband Michael were the only souls there to see it, feel it,...