Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra FRIDAY NIGHT COZY – Rewind!

Sep 04, 2020 -

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Get cozy in your own home for Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra! All you need to do is lie down to receive the gift of inner connection and relaxation. Each session offers you a new and unique journey. This is how to rest, rejuvenate and find your calm center. Yoga nidra is proven to relax and heal your body and mind by shifting you into your body’s parasympathetic mode, your natural healing mode.

We will begin by centering, practicing a hand mudra with affirmation, brief instructions and explanation, before the 45min Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra guided meditation.

For all-levels including beginners, and for all-ages.

All You Need Is:
– phone, smartphone, tablet or computer
– yoga mat, towel or a piece of the floor!
– cushion or chair to sit on
– props for Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra like pillows, blanket, eye pillow, etc. (You’ll be lying down or in a comfy seat for this part)

*Video is on our website, not in Zoom.


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