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Includes Two Weekends: November 5-6 and 12-13.
A Wonderful Opportunity To Deepen Your Own Practice And Your Teaching.


For yoga teachers and everyone with yoga experience. You do not need to be a yoga teacher to do this training.

  • 40-Hour Certificate Training.
  • 40-CE credits Yoga Alliance (YACEP) from Jennifer Reis who is a provider.
  • Includes Proprietary Training Manual.
  • Graduates receive a certificate upon graduation.


Five Element Yoga® is a potent practice of yoga postures, breathing, mudras, self-massage, meditation, and yoga nidra that realigns you with the rhythms of nature! Developed by Jennifer Reis, Five Element Yoga® is rooted in yoga and yoga therapy, Ayurveda, and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

You will move deeply into Five Element Yoga® practice yourself while learning the skills necessary to create powerful classes and workshops.

When the five elements are out of balance, one can feel out of balance leading to suffering physically, emotionally or mentally. With Five Element Yoga®  practice, you will learn how to guide yourself and your students back into harmony — not only with elements, but also with the five elements corresponding kosha level of being, vayu energy current, dosha constitution and chakra wheel of energy — to tap into greatest potential. Your natural constitution is given a chance to come into a gracious flow with life so that you may enjoy increased health, happiness, peace, and potential.

In this training you will move deeply into Five Element Yoga® practice yourself while learning the skills necessary to create powerful classes and workshops. Beyond an ordinary training, this is a time for practice, experiential learning and investigation that will transform your life and the lives of your students. By embodying the five elements with yoga, you will take your teaching to a higher level to awaken your inner radiance as a yogi, as a teacher, and most importantly, as a human being.


are the archetypal building blocks of our bodies and energy, as well as everything in existence. The elements are vivid, colorful, alive and potent, creating a fertile ground for exploring the whole Self. This multi-faceted inquiry allows the essence of the elements to flower from within.


Our Practices

  • Yoga Postures to align with each Element
  • Breathing techniques to awaken each Element
  • Mudras
  • Self-Massage from Ayurveda
  • Acupressure and Meridians from Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Guided Meditation to attune to each Element
  • Creative Expression: drawing and journaling to integrate.

Training Objectives

Ground in the Physical

  • Learn how to guide vibrant Five Element Yoga® classes and workshops💗.
  • Develop the elemental qualities within yourself of grounding, fluidity, radiance, compassion, and expansion.
  • Discover the predominant element within each yoga posture.
  • Understand yogic koshas, kleshas, vayus, and chakras and their corresponding elements.
  • Gather knowledge and practice Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine.
  • Understand the effects of the elements on the systems of the body.

Experiential Learning

  • Gain experience by practicing Five Element Yoga® with Jennifer each day.
  • Practice in leading in partners and small groups online.
  • Learn to blend yogic philosophy, technical knowledge, joy, and playfulness in your teaching😁!

Invite the Energetic

  • Explore unique elemental breathing techniques from yoga therapy.
  • Learn how to use mudras, and self-massage including meridian work in your classes.
  • Discover how to activate the elements in the energy body, channels, marma points and chakras.

Integrate Your Experience

  • Reflect and integrate your practice with creative explorations in writing and art making.
  • Cultivate self-compassion, understanding and deep knowledge by developing the Witness Consciousness🙏
  • Integrate the power of the elements in guided meditation and yoga nidra.
  • Expand into freedom and experience unity.
  • Merge with nature and your true Self👌

Training Format

9:00am – 5:00pm ET Eastern Time daily with scheduled breaks. Plus ten hours homework between sessions. All sessions on Zoom, and easy to use. Four days (two weekends) November 5-6 & 12-13.

40-hour LIVE ONLINE training includes experiential learning through lecture, power point, discussion, partner and small group exploration. As well as daily guided practice with asana, pranayama, meditation, yoga nidra, mudras and self-bodywork.

Practice teach in partners and small groups, experiencing and integrating what you have learned in a compassionate and supportive environment.

Reflect and integrate through journaling, writing, mandala creation, drawing and writing.

A Training Manual is included to facilitate this in-depth practice as a reference, to aid in taking the training home with you to incorporate into your life and teaching. This is not just a PDF but an actual printed and bound manual sent to you Priority mail.

PRAISE FOR Five Element Yoga® Teacher Training

“The manual was super comprehensive and I know I will be referencing it again and again! Jennifer’s knowledge, enthusiasm and creativity was the very best part of the training.” ~Mary Edgerton

I received a sense of confidence and courage through Five Element Yoga® Teacher Training! I have found the inspiration to become stronger in myself.” ~Dympna

“I am balanced and feel free for the first time in while. I understand more about who I am and how I can use my skills!” ~Elizabeth Bostock

“Five Element Yoga® Teacher Training was AMAZING! I loved Jennifer’s attentiveness to all of us. She is so enthusiastic and has a good sense of humor. This is the BEST training I have ever taken!” ~Colleen

“I’ve gained a greater knowledge of the five elements and their connection to the chakras, marma points, body parts, and within all life! And I leave with so much more after this training: I’m leaving with confidence and a greater sense of connection within myself.” ~Billy


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