ONLINE LIVE! Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra Teacher Training

Apr 04, 2020 - Apr 08, 2020

For EVERYONE!  (You do not need to be a yoga teacher to do this training). 40-hour Certificate Training. YACEP YA from Jennifer who is a provider.

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Regular Tuition $870    (Includes 200-page Proprietary Training Manual)

Hours: April 4-5 and April 7-8 (no class on April 6)  9:00am – 5:00pm daily (1-hour meal break. Ten hours homework and partner work during training)

All sessions on and will be easy to use!



This is exciting! Different from other online trainings, this is LIVE! Interactive and in real-time. All you need is a computer or tablet. This allows us to come together as community, have your questions answered, and get the best quality information available to you in a personal manner.

This training will be a good mix of learning, sharing, movement, and will take into consideration your human needs! We’ll have breaks and flow to an easy rhythm.

Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra, developed in 2004, is the antidote for modern life! This guided meditation has the ability to heal and transform in all levels of being (koshas), including physical, energetic, mental, emotional, witness, and bliss bodies.

Join over 1300 graduates of Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra Teacher Training! You’ll gain the skills you need to lead others into deeper levels of freedom and health than they ever imagined possible. Jennifer Reis, the creator of Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra and Five Element Yoga® guides you:

    • Learn how to nourish yourself and others
    • Explore yoga nidra within the depths of yoga tradition and Western science
    • Awaken a sense of wonder and creativity
    • Discover how to craft effective classes and comprehensive classes and workshops
    • Cultivate voice quality, pace, and explore music, postures and props
    • Develop your skills by practice and leading others


Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra is an inspired practice that revitalizes your whole being, allowing life to be fully lived and enjoyed. In this meditation practice, there is nothing required but to lie down and listen. One of the most accessible and inclusive forms of yoga, Divine Sleep® and will fast become a favorite for your students and clients.

Jennifer created Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra Teacher Training to embody and transmit everything that is necessary and practical for people who desire to lead yoga nidra. Your proprietary 200-page manual containing detailed information and inspiration for thoroughly understanding Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra and its applications.

Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra Teacher Training is taught using an all-senses experiential approach to speak to every learning style. Lecture with power point, discussions, receiving and delivering yoga nidra sessions,  partner and small group work (this will be online with other students in the training in break-out rooms or telephone etc), yoga postures, and time to integrate and reflect, all allow you to embody key concepts of the five kosha levels of being and Eight Stages of Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra.

How does Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra differ? This unique style of yoga nidra incorporates:

  • Five Kosha Levels of Being
  • Breath, energy, and healing work
  • Yogic energy anatomy: chakra wheels, marma energy points, vayu energy currents, and energy channels
  • Visualization, Imagery, nature and creative journeys
  • Healing energy to balance and harmonize
  • Emphasis on empowering each listener to co-create by weaving themselves into the practice
  • Encouragement for Divine Sleep® Guides to weave in their skills and knowledge into the practice

Welcome to Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra, the antidote for modern life! You will leave this training feeling confident, enthused and delighted to offer others this gift.


Incredible! Jennifer is a wealth of knowledge who is a beautiful being. I could not have chosen a better person to study with.
~Jennifer VonGraupen


The information in the manual is of high quality and educational. I am confident about being able to teach this to my students immediately! Jennifer is a gifted teacher. 
~Ashley Lynn Caputo


Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra was a great training experience! The information was broken down into a clear, logical set of steps that was integrated back into the whole system. I feel like I have gained true understanding of the components and I have confidence to teach yoga nidra. Jennifer is warm, open and understanding. 
~Carrie Anne Kennedy



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