MUDRA WORKSHOP: Journey Through the Chakras

Sep 14, 2020 -
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm



Learn a Mudra Flow to Awaken and Nourish Each of the 7 Chakra Wheels of Energy!

Chakras are located along the central axis of the body from tail to crown. Each chakra contains within it fundamental qualities for thriving fully as a human being such as stability, self-nourishment, confidence, acceptance, empathy, aligning with one’s true voice, unity, and freedom.

You Will Nourish and Develop Essential Qualities For Thriving.

First you’ll learn more about both Chakras and hand Mudras: how they can help you to develop your highest potential. Then you’ll be guided through a flow of yoga postures, breathing and Mudras for the Chakras to fully awaken and nourish your energy. Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra will complete our workshop, allowing you to rest and receive deep healing nurturing through this lying down, guided meditation with Jennifer’s melodic voice accompanied by relaxing music.


• BONUS: Within 24hrs after the WORKSHOP you will receive handout PDFs so you can continue to cultivate a regular practice.

• PLUS: Within 24hrs after the WORKSHOP you will receive 5-day access to the recording, in case you miss part, or cannot attend, or to refresh your experience. 


This is a live session! Chat will be available during and after our class to connect with our community and for Questions & Answers. (FYI: you will see me, but no one, including myself will see or hear you for your privacy.) ET Eastern Time.

All you need is:

  • Smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer
  • Yoga mat, towel or a piece of the floor!
  • Cushion or chair to sit on.
  • Props for Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra like pillows, blanket, eye pillow, etc. (You’ll be lying down, or in a comfy seated position for this part).


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