WORKSHOP: Nurturing Self-Care with Restorative Five Element Yoga®

Nov 12, 2020 -

7 pm – 9 pm
Rest and Rejuvenate Body, Mind and Being

Can’t make it? No problem: you’ll receive 6-day access to the workshop recording!

All-Levels, including Beginners. 2-CE’s YA YACEP. Eastern Time.

Learn how to rest and rejuvenate thoroughly through your whole body, mind and being, cultivating greater balance within! Self-care is the best care.

• Find out about the healing benefits of our unique practices: Restorative Five Element Yoga® and deep relaxation with Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra.

• Practice to shift your nervous system into the parasympathetic mode where healing occurs, fostering vagal nerve tone: higher vagal tone means that your body can relax faster after stress.

• Be nurtured and guided in Restorative Five Element Yoga® that flows through the five elements in nature with breathing, gentle movement, yoga postures with minimal props, mudras, affirmations, and self-massage.

• Cultivate a deepened inner connection, finding a sense of integration and peace with all that lives within your body, energy, mind and emotions.

Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra will complete our workshop. This lying down guided meditation will bring awareness to each level of your being, with a special journey based on deep peace and renewal.

• PLUS: Within 24hrs after the WORKSHOP you will receive 6-day access to the recording, in case you miss part, or cannot attend, or with to refresh your experience.

This is a live session! Chat will be available during and after our class to connect with our community and for Questions & Answers. FYI: you will see me, but no one, including myself will see or hear you for your privacy.

All you need is:

Smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer
Props for Restorative Five Element Yoga®:
• 2 blankets
• 2 cushions or pillows
• Yoga strap (or a belt, scarf, or necktie)
• Yoga mat (or a towel or an additional blanket on the floor)
• Yoga block (or books as blocks)
• Optional chair to sit on

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