WORKSHOP: Your Inner Spring of Joy

Aug 31, 2020 -
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


In this workshop, you will learn more about the Bliss Body called Anandamaya Kosha in yoga, including it’s corresponding Element and Chakra wheel of energy. And discover the many benefits joy has for your health and wellness.

Awaken Your Inner Smile

You will be guided on an experiential Five Element Yoga® journey to uncover and receive the joy that is already here, both within your being, and within the universe. Our practice of Five Element Yoga® will be focused on the Bliss body and includes: breathing, yoga postures, mudras, healing affirmations, self-massage, and Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra relaxation.

Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra will complete our workshop, with a special journey based on cultivating your Inner Spring of Joy! This lying down guided meditation brings awareness to each level of your being, not only shifting your body into it’s healing parasympathetic mode, but also awakening all levels of mind, bringing more clarity to your life.

Tap Into Your Inner Spring of Joy

• BONUS: Within 24hrs after the WORKSHOP you will receive handout PDFs so you can continue to cultivate a regular practice of Joy.

• PLUS: Within 24hrs after the WORKSHOP you will receive 5-day access to the recording, in case you miss part, or cannot attend, or to refresh your experience. 

This is a live session! Chat will be available during and after our class to connect with our community and for Questions & Answers. (FYI: you will see me, but no one, including myself will see or hear you for your privacy.) ET Eastern Time.

All you need is:

  • Smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer
  • Yoga mat, towel or a piece of the floor!
  • Cushion or chair to sit on.
  • Props for Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra like pillows, blanket, eye pillow, etc. (You’ll be lying down, or in a comfy seated position for this part).


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