The Sacred Circle of Wholeness Within Me: Yoga Nidra LIVE ONLINE

Jul 05, 2022 -
8:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Recording access through Wednesday night.
All-Levels – FOR EVERYONE.

For all-levels including beginners, and for all-ages.

A blessing is a circle of light drawn around a person to protect, heal and strengthen.

~John O’Donohue

⭕ In this special yoga nidra journey you’ll first draw a circle blessing around yourself, then be guided in an exploration of the SACRED CIRCLE within. The circle as a potent symbol representing wholeness and unity: and you ARE the circle, and live within the greater circle of the infinite. Your inner compass can be revealed in this calming exploration, helping you to find your CENTER. You’ll feel grounded and one within your heart.

Jennifer Reis, one of the foremost experts on yoga nidra, will skillfully lead you in a relaxing and nourishing 1-hour class! We will begin with a short discussion, instruction, and hand mudra to help us get centered. Then you’ll be guided through a creative and unique 45-minute Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra created by Jennifer.

Receive deep heart nourishment and restoration through this lying down, guided meditation with Jennifer’s calming voice accompanied by inspiring music. Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra systematically flows through your five kosha levels, allowing relaxation within every aspect of your being. This includes body sensing, heart’s intention, breath meditation, positive emotions, and journeying into landscapes and nature, healing and heart-centered bliss.

Receive the Gift of Inner Heart Connection and Calm

Yoga nidra is proven to heal your body and mind, by shifting you into the natural healing state: the parasympathetic mode.

Rest, Rejuvenate, and Be Nourished

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