YOGA NIDRA + YOGA: Long Summer Weekend Collection 3-Day On-Demand

Aug 06, 2022 - Aug 08, 2022

Two Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra Classes. One Five Element Yoga Class.

“Thank you for the supreme quality of your classes. There are so many gems and so much solid info from many sources – I know a fair amount about all this, but you taught me many more things. And the class was also fun and interesting, and presented with your beautiful energy of calm assurance .” ∼ Chris

A Special Collection of Recent Classes 

You’ll Receive 3-Day Continuous Online Access – Saturday August 6, through Monday Evening August 8

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For ALL LEVELS Including Beginners

Class #1:  The Sacred Circle of Wholeness Within Me YOGA NIDRA Journey

A blessing is a circle of light drawn around a person to protect, heal and strengthen. ∼ John O’Donohue

Drawing a circle-blessing around yourself, be be guided in an exploration of the SACRED CIRCLE within. The circle is a potent symbol representing wholeness and unity: and you ARE the circle, and live within the greater circle of the infinite. Your inner compass can be revealed in this calming exploration, helping you to find your CENTER. Feel grounded and whole within your heart.


Class #2:  Sacred Word Lavender Field YOGA NIDRA Journey

Mmmm lavender! This yoga nidra journey invites you to find a Sacred Word from your Heart to guide you along your journey. You will relax through body, energy, mind and emotions to connect with your inner wisdom and bliss. Eventually you’ll find rows and rows of lavender, receiving all the nourishment you need right now. You will feel held and supported.

Class #3:  Immune Boost FIVE ELEMENT YOGA®  

Strengthen your IMMUNE SYSTEM System with Five Element Yoga®, based in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda and yoga therapy.

This 60-minute class includes simple yet effective rhythmic movements, yoga postures, breathing, self-massaging meridian channels, mudras, and a relaxing guided yoga nidra. This class will help you to:

          • Boost and balance your Immune System.
          • Enhance your breathing.
          • Open and clear the Lungs.
          • Nourish your thymus gland (part of the immune system).
          • Uplift your energy and your mood.
          • Each class is unique and will awaken your body’s natural ability to stay strong and protected.

Our practice completes with Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra: this shift into your body’s healing parasympathetic mode, supports the health of your immune system.


Come Back Home To Your Body and Being

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