Three 'flows' with two postures each: Coordinate the movements of your body with breath in this flow designed to help you find your Inner Guide. You may like to state the affirmations aloud as you EXHALE, and silently repeat them...
October 30, 2017
Who is the caregiver? Who is the dad? Very cute!  
October 4, 2017
“I am Loved." 'Hridaya' is the Spiritual Heart, and according to yoga, is known to be the root of the higher mind and feelings. Touching and connecting with your Heart can feel comforting, nourishing, and bring deeper truths to light,...
October 3, 2017
Sometimes a voice, music and singing can soothe and nourish the heart like nothing else can. Please enjoy this beautiful creation by Jai Jagdeesh. It has been a comfort to me.