August 20, 2015
Twin babies stay cool in this beautiful and moving video of one of their first baths!.
Refresh and Keep Cool! 2 TBSPs Lime juice 2 TBSPs Apple Cider vinegar 2 TBSPs organic olive oil 2 Cups of watermelon cut into cubes 2 Cucumbers cut into cubes 1/4 Cup fresh mint leaves finely minced Seasalt to taste...
This easy but potent flow strengthens your core and allows you to cultivate peace and ease within. Develops breath, and increases awareness of body and flow of energy currents that pulse inward and outward to nourish all systems of the...
July 1, 2015
This is so touching. Five year old Ryan is 101-year old Dorothy’s favorite musician and they have a special connection that is evident when you hear him playing music for her, and the look in their eyes.