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Deep Relaxation: Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra
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Original Music by Mark Kelso and Henry Horning

Two beautiful journeys of varying length, plus an Insomnia Track.

1. Healing Chakra Chorus (22 min)
The seven energy centers (chakras) and smaller energy points (marmas) will fill with healing color and sound for balance and restoration.

2. Eagle Journey: Seven Directions (44 min)
Enjoy this Native American inspired journey with Eagle into the seven directions to find your healing symbol.

3. Insomnia Track: Put Me to Sleep (12 min)
Perfect to lullaby you to sleep, or to help fall back asleep if you should awaken in the night.

Deep Relaxation: Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra

INCLUDES YOGA NIDRA FOR INSOMNIA! The effects are powerful. Yoga nidra is proven to balance and strengthen the immune system, permanently lower high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels, can reduce or eliminate pain and pain medication, reduce anxiety, depression and addictions, and strengthen the endocrine system. It is also one of the best insomnia cures.

Insomnia Track: Put Me to Sleep…

This track is used to help guide you into real sleep! Use it in bed. Let Jennifer’s sweet voice and calming pace lullaby you into sleep. If you haven not had success with other insomnia cures, give this a try.



A best-selling CD at Kripalu Center. Because it works.

CD Set: includes Deep Relaxation and Guided Relaxation CDs together.


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Product Description

Divine Sleep®

is a powerful guided meditation practice developed by Jennifer Reis.  Through body scanning, breath awareness and guided imagery, these journeys help melt away tension and stress as you visit each level of your being (the koshas) in this guided meditation. Be supported, held and nourished as you discover profound peace and vibrant health.


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