IMMUNE BOOST Five Element Yoga®

5-PART SERIES – Session 3

Wednesday, March 29, 4:30 – 5:45 pm, EST.

Five Sessions, Wednesdays, March 15 – April 12, 4:30 – 5:45 pm, EST.

Includes Recording Access for All Sessions Through May 1.


All-Levels Including Beginners (gentle to moderate intensity)

Includes Recording Access for All Sessions Through May 1.


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Feel Uplifted, Clear, Strengthened from Within

Your Immune System is vital for your health and happiness and for developing your true potential. This healing yoga series focused on the Immune System will help you to avoid the stress, time, and lost energy spent on illness – and you will feel better – more calm and more energized!

Stress is a known suppressor of the immune system and is the leading cause of illness. Stress negatively affects immune health and quality of life. In this SERIES we will move deeply into practices that restore your response to stress.

And we will also work with the immune system itself. The Immune System is a complex network of organs, tissues, cells and acquired antibodies permeating the entire body and working together to protect us.

We will draw upon both yogic wisdom to enliven your inner Air Element, and Traditional Chinese Medicine’s Metal Element. You’ll be introduced to specialized breathing techniques, postures, mudras, as well as energy channels and energy points, for greatest Immune Boost potency. Easy to follow and simple to practice, you will feel a new sense of vibrancy with each session!

Awaken Your Natural Ability to Stay Strong and Protected

Immune Boost Five Element Yoga® will:

  • Improve blood circulation, helping white blood cells travel through the body as needed by the immune system.
  • Strengthen respiratory health, increasing lung efficiency.
  • Reduce inflammation, helping immune cells to regenerate regularly to increase immune system function.
  • Move your body! Regular body movement is proven to strengthen the immune system, helping to clear what could otherwise make you sick.
  • Help to balance the endocrine-hormonal system, as well as auto-immune imbalances.
  • Strengthen the lymphatic system for its essential role in immunity, detoxification, and overall health, by encouraging circulation and flushing of waste materials, keeping the body vital.
  • Regulate and restore the nervous system, helping the stress response and overstimulated adrenal glands, both of which stifle the immune response.
  • Boost your mood, vitality and energy levels. Congruently, our practices will uplift your spirit and overall “oomph”. You will feel revitalized.
  • Allow you to relax and rest deeply, to activate your body’s own healing systems.

What you’ll get:

  • 5 Sessions: One hour and fifteen minute Live-Online with Jennifer and our Community.
  • Each Session will focus on new ways to Boost the Immune System with Five Element Yoga® (breathing, postures, mudras, activation of energy points and channels, Ayurvedic self-massage, and deep rest). 
  • Yoga Nidra – Deep relaxation completes each session to restore your immune system to the fullest, sealing in the lasting effects of our practices. 
  • Q&A after each Session.
  • Recordings of all Sessions for 4 weeks after the series ends.
  • IMMUNE BOOST FIVE ELEMENT YOGA® E-WORKBOOK (not sold seperately). Exclusive to this Series, you’ll enjoy this workbook for continued practice and reference.
  • Helpful tips, instructions, and modifications.
  • A loving and light atmosphere with an expert Certified Yoga Therapist, Licensed Massage and Shiatsu Therapist.

Receive immediate health and relaxation results. Flow through enlivening and replenishing movement leading to a state of Immune Boosting potency. By the end of this series, you will feel more flowing, vital, and whole.

Join our Community today!

Thank you for the supreme quality of your classes and workshops. There are so many gems, and so much solid info from many sources – you have taught me many more things, and with fun and and presented in your beautiful energy of calm assurance.” – Chris

DISCOUNT CODES If You Need Them: REDUCE-TO-95 or REDUCE-TO-79 Click “Have a coupon?” at bottom of checkout (next page) and enter the code.

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