Sacred Rivers: Free Your PRANA Vayu Currents

Five Element Yoga® Therapy Workshop



All-Levels – For Everyone

Includes Home Practice Reference Handouts


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Unwind Tensions, Allowing Your Emotions to Settle and Your Vital Energy to Radiate

Do you long for more flowing energy and vitality through your body and breath? Do you wish for increased mental and emotional ease?

Free and Activate your Prana Vayu subtle energy currents – the Sacred Rivers of yoga and Ayurveda.

The Sacred Rivers flow through the body in five specific directions, and are responsible for nourishing and enlivening particular organs, systems, and overall vital life energy. Blocked or imbalanced currents can lead to physical, emotional, and mental imbalance and illness.

In this workshop you will learn how to both activate and free your Sacred Rivers. Through our special Five Element Yoga® practice – mudras, breathing, self-massage, yoga postures, rhythmic movement and yoga nidra – you will be amazed at how much better your energy flows and your body feels!

As a tool for deepening our practice, the workshop will complete with a Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra guided meditation focusing on your Sacred Rivers . Lying down, you will be guided by Jennifer’s melodic voice accompanied by relaxing music. This creates a space for nurturing rest and deep healing, allowing the body and mind to reset and renew.

Freeing your Sacred Rivers of energy will help you to:

  • Boost your organs and systems increasing health, wellness and prevention.
  • Increase graceful, smooth, and flowing movement in your body improving joints and tightness.
  • Understand energy maps of the subtle body from the wisdom from yoga and Ayurveda.
  • Use the Sacred Rivers knowledge and breathing in yoga postures to help them feel easier and better.
  • Incorporate knowledge of the Sacred Rivers into your yoga practice to enhance your comfort and overall ease in postures.
  • Feel more connected to yourself, your energy blueprint, and the five elements.
  • Become more at home in your body with deeper inner connection. 
  • Learn to calm your mind, settle your emotions, and regulate your energy. 

What you will receive:

✔ 2-hour ON-DEMAND Workshop with Jennifer and our Community.

✔ Prana Vayu Five Element Yoga® Therapy practice that includes:

  • rhythmic and restorative yoga postures
  • soothing breathwork and vocal practices
  • hand mudras with mantra affirmations
  • self-massage and acupressure

✔ Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra – Special Sacred River Journey.

✔ Helpful tips, instructions, and modifications.

✔ On-Demand Recording of the Workshop through July 5.

✔ Sacred River Prana Vayu Handouts: Exclusive to this Workshop -enjoy continuing your practice with this helpful reference.

✔ A loving and light atmosphere with a super-experienced Yoga Teacher, Certified Yoga Therapist, Licensed Massage and Shiatsu Therapist.

You will leave feeling rejuvenated and refreshed, with a sense of vitality and inner calm. This practice can be incorporated into daily life as a tool for promoting free flow of energy and improved health, and can be particularly helpful for those dealing with stress, anxiety, and other forms of tension or imbalance.

Release Energy Blockages to Increase Your Physical, Emotional, and Mental Health

Enjoy Effortless Grace And Vitality

“You manage to fill your classes with so much useful information all the while providing clear cueing. Your kind presence translates beautifully online – you have mastered the technique!” ~Kay

Register Now $42.

DISCOUNT CODE If You Need It: REDUCE-TO-32 (24%) Click “Have a coupon?” at bottom of checkout page and enter the code.

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