Yoga Nidra Journey

Full Moon Yoga Nidra for Trust and Transformation

Thursday, July 6, 8:00 – 9:00pm ET

LIVE-ONLINE on Zoom. Eastern Time.

All-levels For Everyone! Includes 2-Day Video Access

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In a recent study researchers discovered that around the full moon, people spent 30% less time in NREM sleep (deep sleep) and slept for 20-minutes less than normal. These changes were also associated with decreased levels of melatonin. Practicing yoga nidra around the time of the full moon can help you get the rest you need and balance your energies.

In our Full Moon Journey, leave behind all your tensions and troubles and take a break from everything else, trusting the energies of the Full Moon to nourish your physical body, energy body, and mental-emotional body. Be guided to soften, melt and let go into a world of light and healing power, into the world of moonlight. Gentle, soothing moonlight shining down upon you, enveloping your entire body in a soft, healing glow. You will feel the comforting and nurturing energy of the moonlight as it permeates your being, bringing transformation, balance and brightness to all of who you are.

ENJOY A NEW Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra JOURNEY WITH Jennifer EVERY WEEK

Receive the Gift of Inner Connection and Deep Relaxation

Jennifer Reis has been leading yoga nidra classes, workshops, retreats and trainings for 20 years. One of the foremost teachers of yoga nidra, Jennifer will skillfully lead you in this relaxing and joyful 1-hour practice.

We will begin with a short discussion, instructions, and hand mudra to help us get centered. Then you’ll be guided through a new and unique 45-minute Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra created by Jennifer.

Receive deep healing rest through this lying down, guided meditation with Jennifer’s calming voice accompanied by inspiring music. You will be led through your five ‘kosha’ levels, allowing healing and restoration within every aspect of your being. This includes body sensing, heart’s intention, breath meditation, positive emotions, and journeying into landscapes and nature, healing and bliss.

Yoga nidra is proven to heal your body and mind by shifting you into the natural healing parasympathetic mode.

“Beautiful journey tonight Jenny. Thank you so much. I feel deeply relaxed.” – Amy

DISCOUNT CODES If You Need Them: 15-PERCENT-OFF or 25-PERCENT-OFF Click “Have a coupon?” at bottom of checkout (next page) and enter the code.

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