Yoga Nidra Journey

Tropical Seashell Healing Bliss

Thursday, November 9, 8:00 – 9:00pm ET

LIVE-ONLINE on Zoom. Eastern Time.

All-levels For Everyone! Includes 3-Day Video Access

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When we find ourselves lost in the whirl of daily life, this Yoga Nidra offers you a beautiful break from the chaos, guiding you back to Self through body, breath and heart. This whispered wisdom of the ancients is a soft lullaby to the tired soul, teaching us to awaken our deepest parts as we embrace rest. The body finds itself in depth of ease while the mind, with all its dimensions, drifts in the serenity of conscious relaxation throughout our journey together.

Softening into your body, like lying in sand, you begin this guided meditation by releasing any stress or tension from your thoughts, feelings and body. Finding yourself exploring an array of colorful seashells, you’ll find the nourishment and healing you need here from their bountiful peace. Stress and fear fade away like shadows at dawn, leaving your mind refreshed and a spirit restored and ready to bring this peace back into your life.


Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra Guided Journey with Jennifer


Receive the Gift of Inner Connection and Deep Relaxation

Jennifer Reis has been leading yoga nidra classes, workshops, retreats and trainings for 27 years. One of the foremost teachers of yoga nidra, Jennifer will skillfully lead you in this relaxing and joyful 1-hour practice.

We will begin with a short discussion, instructions, and hand mudra to help us get centered. Then you’ll be guided through a new and unique 45-minute Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra created by Jennifer.

Receive deep healing rest through this lying down, guided meditation with Jennifer’s calming voice accompanied by inspiring music. You will be led through your five ‘kosha’ levels, allowing healing and restoration within every aspect of your being. This includes body sensing, heart’s intention, breath meditation, positive emotions, and journeying into landscapes and nature, healing and bliss.

Yoga nidra is proven to heal your body and mind by shifting you into the natural healing parasympathetic mode.

“Thank you Jennifer for another beautiful and soothing session. My whole inner being feels warm and relaxed.” – Eleanor

“That was pure heaven. Thank you, Jennifer!” – Joan

Discount Code If You Need It: 20-PERCENT-OFF Click “Have a coupon?” at bottom of checkout (next page) and enter the code.

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