Laura Wulach
My Life Has Changed For the Better Because of Yoga Nidra


I received this lovely and inspiring letter from Laura who began studying with me many moons ago, and I wanted to share her light with you! She agreed to post her letter here:

“I want to thank you so much for offering your beautiful and healing yoga nidra sessions online. It has truly been a silver lining of the pandemic for me. I have loved your work and your classes ever since my first trip to Kripalu Center years ago, when I took your Friday evening yoga class, and you introduced me to mudras.

That lead me on a few stepping stones: first I bought your mudra guide, and then the Mudra book by Joseph LePage, and then was inspired to take your Five Element Yoga® Teacher Training!

I had been wanting to study more with you, but it’s so hard for me to travel to you, so I have felt so blessed to be able to continue practicing with you online. I am unfortunately never able to attend the online sessions live, but practice the recordings you so helpfully send out after class.

I love how you talk about how ‘time and space don’t exist’, and that makes me feel connected to the loving community you’ve created.

I have a chronic illness and have been particularly sick since November 2020, after which I started practicing with you online. Yoga nidra classes have provided so much healing and comfort to me. In fact, I always feel a bit lost on Mondays, when I don’t have one of your beautiful yoga nidra sessions to look forward to!

In one of your sessions a few months ago, you had us paint an imagine during the journey, and then suggested we paint it in real life afterwards. I hadn’t picked up paint in probably 25 years, but later that day, with my toddler Bernardo, I painted what I had seen during the session, and now have that sweet painting hanging over my desk!

Thank you so much for what you offer to the world, for the beauty and healing and community of your yoga nidra, for your constant warmth and honesty and vulnerability, and for so many inspiring journeys. I hope you continue to offer your yoga nidra online – and even if it is a rewind on-demand class – I could listen to any and all of them hundreds of times!

Thank you so much for offering your spirit to me in such a healing and profound way! It has changed my life for the better.

Update 2022: I have actually been doing decently well managing with my chronic illness and I am much better now! I feel so much gratitude, and I continue to practice your yoga nidra sessions almost daily! I still have to be very careful and prioritize my health above all else, so it remains a challenge, but I haven’t had a relapse since beginning to practice with you online!