Minki Dunn
I Have Found Fresh + Bright Energy Within

Around nine years ago, I had a serious health scare, that left me with joint pain and neuropathy in my feet. Having been an athlete most of my life, I had to somehow make a shift in my daily living. I had a hard time getting out of bed in the morning, standing and walking.

Yoga somehow found me, it was something I could do with my body, and I loved it! I wanted to learn more and to deepen my new practice. For my own depth of knowledge, I decided to do a 300hr Teacher Training. I had absolutely no intention of ever teaching. EVER. That led me to want more, and so I took a 500hr Teacher Training!

To this day, my teacher Mary Ann has had a large impact on my life, as well as a major influence on my yoga journey. Along the way she introduced me to the practice of yoga nidra. And because I liked it so much, she suggested Jennifer Reis, since she herself had taken Jennifer’s trainings.

I bought two of Jennifer’s Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra CD’s. I listened to them mostly every night when I couldn’t sleep from pain! Her journeys are incredibly healing, and after practicing them for months, I was experiencing less pain, which among other things, tremendously improved my quality of both sleep and healing sleep.

The effects of yoga nidra allowed me to start moving more freely and becoming more active again. I had organically started teaching yoga after teacher training. Classes to teach always seemed to find me, and eventually, I decided to go with the flow of the universe, and with what was apparently needed by so many by teaching yoga classes!

We moved to another state, and my teaching evolved into opening up a small private yoga studio. As time passed, I felt as though my teaching was getting a bit ‘tired’. And I too was exhausted with living in a warmer climate that I was not use to. It was a big period of adjustment. Always lingering in the back of my mind was Jennifer’s yoga nidra training. I signed up for it several times over the years – but life kept getting in the way.

Recently I went on a trip to Bali with a friend and the yoga teacher invited me to teach with him in tandem: we had no rehearsal, no discussion, all improv – we just went for it! I felt such a newfound freedom in my teaching!

That inspired me to expand even more. Yoga nidra is becoming popular in my yoga community. So, I signed up for Jennifer’s in-person training, and was so excited! Alas, it was thwarted due to COVID…

But Jennifer was offering her first live online Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra Teacher Training and I jumped at the chance! I wanted to do this training for myself, to experience it deeply, and to gain knowledge of the practice. It felt like it was something I needed to do all along. And now I couldn’t be happier!

Jennifer delivers a very fine sophisticated training. Her knowledge and experience is vast, and using her many talents, she weaves and paints a beautiful experience for the students. I’m still processing the information for myself personally, and in my daily yoga nidra practice.

Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra is a gift that keeps on giving.

I had no idea the depth to which Jennifer’s training would continue to impact me, my practice and my teachings. My yoga nidra meditation practice is so much deeper now. The calming effects of Divine Sleep® are always with me! And during the pandemic time, it has helped me to have balance on all levels of being, and it continues to work within me for the better.

Everything in life feels richer now, now that I’ve found fresh bright energy within. Because of Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra my creative energy has been awakened and I find that very exciting! My teaching feels transformed and strengthened.

I’m so grateful to Jennifer and this beautiful practice, and training. I also love her live online classes that she teaches daily. I continue to feel the effects and grow each day.