JOURNEY THROUGH THE ELEMENTS: Five Element Yoga® On-Demand Registration

The 5 colorful elements of the universe inspire our practice today: Earth will strengthen our bones and foundation with mudras, leg and foot work, and Sunbird variations. Water invites us to flow as we expand energy through the spine, chest and hips in cobra-tree pose, hip stretches, and low back massaging. Fire lights us up with twists, plank variations, downdog pose and self-massaging the fire channels in the arms. You’ll uplift with Air, helping a sense of openness and grace with standing side warrior and triangle. Space allows us to release tensions to become light and free with floating practice and balancing warrior. We complete with an elemental yoga nidra for deep rest and inner connection. All with the beautiful music of Senta Rafaela.

Balance Your Inner Elements with Five Element Yoga® 

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