MOON SUN JOURNEY — A Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra Journey

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Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra, Jennifer Reis

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A powerful yoga nidra journey to nurture balance and healing.

Moon Sun Journey gently accesses the various compliments and opposites within your body, energy and mind in order to bring you into greater harmony and balance within. Setting your heart’s intention is followed by a body scan that travels from right to left sides of the body. Then you are invited to feel your breath in alternate nostrils and to sense coolness and warmth in your body. The journey leads you from crisp snow and full moon sky into the golden beach sunrise where you go into deeper healing of your whole being guided with healing light and energy.   From Jennifer’s album titled Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra.

Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra — CDs and Downloads

The #1 best-selling CDs, across all categories,  for 11 consecutive years, at Kripalu Center (the largest yoga center in North America).


Accessible and powerful.  A simple, potent practice.