Five Element Yoga®

Are you ready to realign yourself with the rhythms of nature?

Five Element Yoga® is a potent practice that invites you to celebrate your body with yoga postures, flow with yogic breathing, revitalize your energy with mudras, detoxify with self-massage, and find deep rest yoga nidra. For all levels including beginners.

According to the ancient wisdom of yoga, Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether are the archetypal building blocks that compose everything in the Universe, including nature and the human body. Wellness depends on the balance of these internal five elements. Five Element Yoga® helps you realign your elements to find natural rhythm resulting in increased health and happiness.

Five Element Yoga®, developed by Jennifer Reis, weaves together the rich traditions of yoga, Ayurveda, Chinese wisdom, and yoga therapy. The goal is balance and harmony within oneself.


  • Nourish your whole being with joyous movement and deep relaxation

  • Transform tightness into flowing energy

  • Develop the elemental qualities of grounding, fluidity, clarity, compassion, and freedom

  • Connect with your true Self

  • Bring potent new tools to your mat and into your life

  • Learn powerful new tools for ongoing rejuvenation and relaxation

When elements are balanced, we are in harmony within ourselves, feel both stable and energized, and can maintain high levels of health and wellness. When our elements are out of balance, we may suffer disrupted equilibrium within ourselves and the natural world. With Five Element Yoga® you will learn how to guide yourself back into harmony to tap into our greatest potential. Your natural constitution comes into perfect flow with life so that you may enjoy increased health, happiness, peace, and potential.



Join Jennifer for Five Element Yoga on Martha’s Vineyard and at Kripalu Center


Five Element Yoga® Teacher Training

for everyone including non-yoga teachers!


VIDEO: Practice Five Element Yoga® with Jennifer: Calming Earth and Water Elements




Five Element Yoga®: All Levels Guided Yoga Practice CD or MP3

Five Element Yoga® laminated practice card.