Student Stories
I Feel Complete the Way I Am Now
In the summer of 2012 I made my first trip from my native Greece to Kripalu Center for Integrative Yoga Therapy training. Joseph LePage announced that we would have a special guest teacher to learn about yoga nidra. He spoke very highly of her - her knowledge, experience - and her uniqueness for creating a program with her own signature. She was one of Kripalu’s long time respected teachers. I got very excited, but at the same time I was very exhausted as we were nearing the end of our intensive training program. Jennifer walked in with a big smile.
Yoga Nidra is My Practice and My Offering
When I was in my thirties over twenty years ago, I went through intense stress and suffering due to a serious illness of a cherished member of my family. I was a mother of two with a very supportive husband. I lived in a state of fear and terror for several years. I knew that my sympathetic nervous system was in a state of fight or flight for far too long, and I knew it was not okay, but at the time I did not have the tools to repair the damage that my body, mind and nervous system had
Yoga Nidra is My Keystone
In 2001 I was a municipal manager for a town of 55,000 residents. I oversaw a wide range of services including police, fire, rescue, public works, parks and recreation. My husband was an early career psychologist and we had two young daughters. While I enjoyed this time of my life tremendously, the pace, stress and magnitude of it all began to take a toll on my health. One night while sitting in the lobby of my daughter’s dance school, I noticed a flyer announcing a yoga class being offered by the dance teacher, Ms. Tina. I knew absolutely nothing about
Bliss Body - What Is It? Q&A with Jennifer Reis
Student Denyse emailed feeling not very 'blissful' during one of our yoga nidra classes. I'm so thrilled she reached out to me so that we could spend some quality time clarifying what the Bliss Body is according to yogic wisdom! Here is our sweet exchange: Denyse: Dear Jennifer, I love your classes so much and they are an important part of my self-care. I consider the cost of admission like my co-pay at the doctor, part of my upkeep. It's your presence.  When I click the link and there you are with your eyes, and your calm aura. I get
From Addiction To Equanimity
Five years ago today… I was admitted to an inpatient rehab for heroin/opiate addiction. Some of you know my story, most of you probably don’t. I’m sharing this here because I think it’s important to start the conversation and keep it going. Although I’m sharing parts of my story, I want to be clear that this post is actually intended to help support those who are just starting to walk the path of sobriety or who have been thinking about taking the first step. Everyone’s journey is different. I respect and honor all ways to sobriety. Do what works for
Finding Self-Acceptance and Self-Love
Before I discovered yoga asana and yoga nidra with Jennifer, I experienced regular body pain, fatigue, anxiety, and high levels of disassociation. I arrived at Jennifer’s Kripalu yoga classes in 2011 as a twenty-something. Undiagnosed at that time, I was struggling with both post traumatic stress disorder and fibromyalgia. I didn’t know how to ‘be’ in my body. I felt pain everywhere, all the time. I couldn’t comfortably rest while conscious, and I was very high strung.  I can honestly say that without Jennifer’s yoga and yoga nidra instruction I would not be the person or the teacher I am
Creating My Inner World of Love and Peace
Grappling with the many setbacks and disappointments that arose for me during the pandemic, I enrolled in Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra Teacher Training live online with Jennifer to give myself the gift of rest and self-care. I am a yoga studio owner, and mother of three children. The challenges and responsibilities of 2020 (a year I will never forget!) left me feeling emotionally drained and exhausted. The two weekends with Jennifer proved to be an effective at-home meditation retreat! I felt profoundly restored in my soul, my emotions, my body and mind. One of my favorite parts of the training was the opportunity
I Found the Depth I Longed For With Yoga Nidra
When I moved to Los Angeles from Ireland, I found that I was missing friends, floundering in my life and having no real direction, and in short, I was depressed. They say you find your teacher at just the right time, and I stumbled upon a donation studio and started going to the 7:00 am yoga class three times a week, with the most wonderful teacher. I realized I was not alone, I had community, and that my ‘thoughts’ were not to be taken so seriously. Overall yoga helped me become more awake to myself. Eventually I did my 200-hr
Yoga Nidra is My Refuge and Anchor
As I reflect back over this past year of changes that Covid has brought into our lives, the one thing I attribute to making the most difference in my life is Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra with Jennifer. I’m prone to stress and worry, and have tried many ways to cope over the years. I started meditating when I was 23 years old, and have practiced various forms, as well as trained in two styles of meditation. After dabbling with yoga for many years, it’s now become a regular practice for me: focusing on breath helps me to slow down. I
Five Element Yoga® Changed Me!
In 2020 I experienced deep fear, anger and grief - along with renewed appreciation for human connection, and the little things that added sweetness to life. My physical ailments intensified, like allergies, eczema and an infection that required three months of antibiotic treatment. During the antibiotic treatment, I found myself feeling weak, foggy headed, tense and anxious, with pre-existing chronic digestive issues getting worse. I had just moved into a new home with my partner, and was out of work, only teaching a few yoga classes a month on zoom. Feeling unfulfilled and ‘not good enough’, I fell hard into