Student Stories
Yoga and Divine Sleep Helped Me Transition My Career and Step Onto a Path of Love and Healing
Before I practiced Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra I didn’t have a way to completely relax or let everything go. I often did not have an awareness of myself or know what I was feeling. I was simply rushing around in my extremely busy life. I was tense, anxious, and I carried a lot of tightness in my body. I did not always feel confident about myself. Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra allows me to completely relax and let go of everything! I practice when I’m super busy and I need to take time to stop and relax. I put on Jennifer’s
I Found that Place Inside that’s Calm
Before I regularly practiced Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra I was caught up rushing a lot and not taking a minute to breathe and be present and to just be ‘me’. I’m a ‘worrier’ and at times have negative thoughts and self-doubt rushing through my head. Just before I first took my first class with Jennifer at Kripalu Center, my husband and three children and I were caught in Hurricane Sandy. We live by the beach and our house was demolished! We had to evacuate and didn’t know what we were coming back to. For a few weeks we were roaming
Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra Gave Me A Safe Space To Get To Know Me — And I Really Like Me!
Previously I sought a lot of sources outside myself in my search for balance. I imagined that the key to becoming calm and balanced was in physical exercise. I had been raising two growing kids, changed my career, and was trying to find my way as a yoga instructor and educator, but I had not found the tools to truly connect with myself in a positive way. The last twenty years of my life have been spent managing a preschool and raising my kids. When my youngest one went off to college, I decided to make a big change! My
Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra Has Been My Saving Grace
Before I practiced yoga nidra, I very anxious. It’s really hard for me sometimes to relax and to trust myself. I always want the guidance from other – whether it’s a friend, an older person, a wiser person, a guru, a therapist – an ‘authority’. “I don’t really trust myself. I don’t know what to do. I want advice from other people,” but after practicing Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra, I realized that “This body, and my wisdom, are all right here. It’s inside. It’s always been here, within me!” My constitution is vata – meaning air and ether elements. So
To Truly Let Go Peacefully
I recently completed Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra teacher training with Jennifer. Yoga nidra is an essential part of my life and the changes in my life are profound. I am more comfortable and allowing of myself. I surrender into a place of beautifully being, rather than needing to do so much. Before discovering yoga nidra, I was a “go-getter” and perfectionist. I easily wound up before bedtime and had difficult sleeping, with resistance of even getting into bed. Going to bed somehow felt like giving up because I felt like I was not accomplishing anything. I fought sleep because it
I Celebrate That I Feel Grounded in Myself
Waller had been through many upheavals including being her father’s care-giver. She found the practice of Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra tremendously assisted in integrating her emotions and reactions, allowing her to feel her true light again as a smiling, radiant being! She is an inspiration for healing through Self-Love and self care. I’ve struggled with depression since I was a little kid, as well as an eating disorder that I almost died from just about five years ago. Thinking I was ‘in recovery’, while I had been malnourished for many years. Following breaking down a few years ago, I put
Finding Clear Mind
Lorraine came from Montreal to attend Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra Teacher Training in Boston. She was very quiet and thoughtful with the presence of a Buddha – or Buddhess! I was not surprised to find out that she was a meditator. Not only did Divine Sleep help her meditation practice deepen, give her more options of meditations to practice, but helped her to get grounded, confident, and clear in her mind and actions! Originally from England, she has a beautiful accent – imagine being guided in Divine Sleep with an English accent? Beautiful! Here is her story. My life was
Finding My Voice
Years ago I was very caught up in the world of vigorous yoga, and working out – ‘relaxation by exhaustion’. I did not allow myself to have that space to travel inward and to see what was going on. I did weekend trainings for my Yoga Teacher Training when my children were small because that’s all the time I could take out of a busy schedule. But I did not begin teaching yoga – I couldn’t find my voice – my teaching voice. I was a very avid student and had been practicing a long time, attended and completed other
I’ve Been Given A Great Gift…The Gift Of Myself
Under a significant amount of stress during the past couple of years, I was in a space where I knew something had to change. Fear, in its all-pervasive forms, was sticking to me like crazy glue and I needed to find a way to dissolve its hold. My physical body had begun to pay the price, with a plethora of symptoms appearing with no seeming resolution despite my best efforts. My mental and emotional bodies were wrung out and despite having a whole lot of intellectual knowledge on how to counteract it, I was just not able to find the
I always knew the importance of resting at the end of yoga class in savasana and how it could help integrate the poses and bring peace and the calm ability to flow through life. But I had no idea of the profound effects of Divine Sleep yoga nidra. After practicing with Jennifer I have more energy and sleep better. I look forward to practicing her CD’s and do not feel guilty about resting. I am looking forward to doing the thrilled about attending Jennifer’s Yoga Nidra Teacher training and to be able to share it with my yoga students. I
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