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Summer Season Self-Care Tips

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Summer is associated with the Fire Element, which can lead to an excess of heat and yang ‘active’ energy and intensity in the body, mind and emotions. Here are some helpful tips to help you stay balanced, healthy and calm during Summer Yang and Fire Element season.   Click here Summer Season Self-Care Tips

Divine Feminine Breathing

Breathing techniques can reduce stress, aid in digestion and improve sleep. Try these three soothing Pranayama breathing practices to help you feel less stress, more calm and increase your Divine Feminine flow! These pranayama breathing techniques will allow you to turn off the active mode, and flow into the healing parasympathetic mode. Great to do Divine Feminine Breathing

Navel Chakra Practice Sheet

The Navel Chakra located on the sacrum low back and navel is called Swadhistana meaning ‘inner dwelling place’ in Sanskrit. Activating the Navel Chakra with breathing, mudras and posture practice is important because among other things, it is the feminine self-nourishing vitality that helps balance overwork, overthinking, and being over active. Navel Chakra practice can Navel Chakra Practice Sheet