Matsya & Trimurti Nourishing Mudras

These two mudras help to balance WATER ELEMENT. They enhance circulation of energy-prana through the whole body, organs and joints as well as moisten, lubricate, and de-congest the joints. You may like to practice these mudras as a flow or individually. Hold for 5-10 natural breaths to start, increasing over time if you like. State the affirmations three times out loud, then silently.

Matsya Fish Mudra

“I am nourished by my inner healing waves.”

Left hand is under the right hand making a ‘fish’ shape. Matsya means fish and helps to activate Water Element to increase fluidity and hydration throughout the body. It is especially helpful for nourishing the joints and is therefor great for spinal alignment and arthritis.

  • Enhances breath in the pelvic region
  • Fosters cooling and soothing, providing relief from inflammation
  • Relaxes muscles, especially in the jaw and head
  • Feelings of self-nourishment arise as comfort, flow and lightness within


Trimurti Mudra

“I flow through all transitions with ease and peace.”

Bring your hands to your navel lower than the bellybutton with thumbs together and index fingers together. Trimurti mudra helps to bring balance and harmony during times of change and duress, allowing a sense of flow in the natural order of things as life unfolds. Especially helpful for menopausal symptoms, reproductive system and may enhance fertility. More and more we can learn to embrace life’s transitions as opportunities.

  • Supports all life’s transitions physically, energetically, mentally, & emotionally
  • Instills equanimity and feeling of being centered
  • Balances hormones and can be helpful for PMS and menses
  • Cultivates a sense of feminine potency




These mudras and the information provided are modified from Mudras for Healing and Transformation by Joseph and Lilian LePage, Integrative Yoga Therapy.

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