Vagus Nerve for Relaxation: 5 Easy Practices


The Vagus Nerve is the largest nerve in the body as it wanders through, innervating most of the organs and body systems: think ‘superhighway’ through your torso. This nerve plays a central role in emotional and physical health and well-being because it carries information and signals throughout the body, and is also the main parasympathetic nerve, meaning it can activate relaxation from deep within.

Activating the Vagus Nerve is easy. Try these simple techniques to strengthen and balance your Vagus Nerve!


Nature can heal, balance and relax everything within the body, including the nervous system and the Vagus Nerve. Get outside and breathe, take in the sunshine and light everyday for 20 minutes or more if you can.

2. HUG

You can do this all by yourself! Wrap your arms around yourself, and give yourself a hug! When it feels safe, also hug your animal friends, friends and family. This activates the Vagus Nerve by increasing oxytocin – the feel good hormone – and helps to stimulate the spiritual heart fostering connection.


Laughter is a breathing and energy practice: there is actually no need to have something ‘funny’ to laugh at. Just start laughing for laughter’s sake! Really get your belly really going! My fav is to start laughing in a yoga pose. Look out the window and laugh. Watch something funny. Laugh with friends. This activates the Vagus Nerve in the throat, chest and abdomen, and makes you feel darn good.


And Sing or Chant Loudly. Try it in a yoga pose; as you do your household activities like cooking, laundry, gardening, cleaning, and of course – in the shower! Sing to your pets – they love it! Sing with the radio. Activates Vagus Nerve in the throat, vocal chords, and abdomen.


This is a favorite in our household! It feels so good. Make it a looooonnnng Sigh: “Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”. It activates a sense of release, and helps to soothe the liver. The Vagus Nerve is activated in the throat, vocal chords, abdomen and liver.

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